10 Soap Opera Couples Who Are Better Off As Friends

Published on September 28, 2017. Updated June 7, 2019

What do soap opera fans love most about their favorite shows? The romance, the love stories, and the super couples! While there are a lot of amazing couples loving it up in daytime drama right now, there are also a lot of couples who have went their separate ways, but still hang out in the friend zone. Below is a list of 10 soap opera couples who are better off as friends.

10. Days’ Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez

These two Days of Our Lives (DOOL) characters aren’t currently in the friends’ zone, but maybe they should be. Hope and Rafe started off as friends and colleagues and they do say that it’s good to have a nice foundation before you enter a relationship. Will Hope ever have the same magic she shared with her super couple co-partner Bo Brady? Rafe and her don’t seem to have anything close to what Bope experienced. Maybe they should think about becoming besties instead?

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9. Y&R’s Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott

Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Nikki and Jack have a long history together. They’ve been lovers and friends on and off over the years and their romance roller coaster is currently on an upswing, as these two have hooked up once again. If history dictates what will happen next, then Nikki will toy with the idea of a relationship with Jack and then head straight into Victor’s arms after a while. These two might have been better off simply staying friends.

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8. GH’s Alexis Davis and Jasper Jax

Bona fide BFFs, General Hospital’s (GH) Alexis and Jax make a great team, as friends only. The two met and fell into friendship when they got married, as part of a plotting scheme. The two formed a bond that was not romantic and they have been besties ever since. Which is a good thing, but still so perplexing. Both are nice looking and bright with excellent personalities. Alas, the reason why they don’t work romantically could be the fact that Alexis is more into the criminal/mob type, where Jax does walk on the straight and narrow (for the most part).

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7. Days’ Marlena Evans and Roman Brady

In the early 1980s, there was no hotter couple than Roman and Marlena. They fell in love, built a family and life together. Sadly, thanks to Stefano DiMera, Roman was thought to be dead. Once John Black entered the picture, everything went downhill for this couple. Good news is that these two have managed to get over all the negativity in the past and maintain a solid friendship. While there were hurt feelings when Marlena chose John over Roman all those years ago, everyone has moved past the ordeal in the end.

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6. Y&R’s Christine Blair and Michael Baldwin

For longtime Y&R viewers, it’s still a bit hard to believe that Christine and Michael have managed to become very good friends over the years. Michael was a different man when he entered Genoa City in the early ‘90s and as a slimeball character he not only harassed her but tried to attack her as well. The two moved on to have a minor romance and somewhere along the way and became solid friends. All’s well that ends well!

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5. Days’ Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts

These two were quite the super couple in their early days, but things went very wrong for them once E.J. DiMera landed on the Days’ scene. Sami went from adoring Lucas to being infatuated by DiMera and she would move on to have quite the romance with E.J. Despite the fact that things did get a little ugly around their break up, once the dust settled, Lucas and Sami have managed to co-parent their children together well and develop a solid friendship.

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4. Y&R’s Lauren Fenmore and Paul Williams

In the 1980s Lauren and Paul were a ‘thing.’ They had a tremendous amount of chemistry and Paul’s witty humor mixed in with Lauren’s sass created one heck of a soap opera super couple. The two decided to part ways as the ‘80s progressed and despite divorcing they both ended the relationship amicably. They have been great friends ever since.

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3. GH’S Lucy Coe and Scotty Baldwin

Over the years, Lucy and Scott have been lovers, friends, and friends with benefits. While they have devised schemes together in the past, they have also done some good in Port Charles. In fact, Lucy was Scotty and Dominque’s surrogate when they were looking to expand their family way back in the day. While they have had one-night stands in the past too, they make far better BFFs than lovers on any day of the week.

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2. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Michael Baldwin

Y&R fans are so used to seeing Phyllis and Michael together as besties, it’s hard to believe that they were once lovers too. They hooked up in the 1990s and had a crazy love affair. Both were ‘bad’ characters at the time, but over the years they have evolved into some decent Genoa City residents. The best part of it all is, they’ve built an incredible friendship. One where each has been there for the other, through thick and thin.

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1. GH’s Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan

Carly and Jason have one of the best friendships on daytime drama today. In the late ‘90s, these two met at Jake’s bar, embarked on a lot of flirting (and drinking) together, and would end up rolling around in the sheets for a brief moment in time. The initial attraction would eventually transform into a beautiful friendship and today Jason and Carly are far more like family than just friends.

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