Reasons We Still Love Clueless

Published on July 20, 2015. Updated October 4, 2019

Over 20 years after it was first released, Clueless is still as awesome as ever. With epic style and valley-girl vocab, the teen-centered movie hasn’t wavered in popularity over the last two decades. Here are 12 reasons why we still love Clueless.

12. The Soundtrack

No classic movie is complete without a killer soundtrack and Clueless doesn’t let viewers down. “Kids in America” by The Muffs, “Fashion” by David Bowie, and “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa are just a few of the tunes that set the tone for the teenagers of Beverly Hills.

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11. The Cast

It could be argued that there has never been a casting decision more successful than Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz. The young actress had everything needed to fill the flitty role and she played the part to perfection. Alicia Silverstone WAS Cher Horowitz. Rounding out the cast was a list of actors that each held up their own. Stacey Dash as the sassy Dionne; Brittany Murphy as the newcomer Tai; and Paul Rudd as the annoying-ex-step-brother-turned-love-interest. And the awesome roll-call didn’t end there, with supporting characters being just as lovable and memorable as the stars.


10. The Outfits

Although few teens dressed as chicly as Clueless’ Cher, it was impossible not to love the fabulous fashion of the characters who were teens with boundless budgets and some serious style. Memorable moments include Cher and Dionne’s matching plaid numbers and…well…really anything they wore during the entire movie.

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9. The Lingo

Cher Horowitz was the stereotypical Beverly Hills teenager and with that came her Valley Girl vocabulary. Unleashing upon the world phrases like, “As if!” and “way harsh,” Clueless had an entire generation adding Valley Girl lingo into their daily life.

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8. Good Deeds & Good Grades

Although popularity is undeniably of epic importance to Cher and her friends, that’s not all that fills their teenaged time. Earning good grades (through work or negotiation) and making the world a better place are both high on the list of motivating factors for these privileged kids.

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7. Cher’s Driving

It’s a good thing she can afford a chauffeur because Cher from Clueless certainly can’t drive. A learner’s permit and her very own super-hip Jeep do not equal a good driver, but it does offer a handful of laughs as the movie’s main character attempts to navigate the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills and pass her driving test.

6. Cher’s House

With front columns that “date all the way back to 1972” (downright historic by Hollywood terms), a giant pool surrounded by presumptuous statues, and a walk-in closet equipped with a computer system that displays Cher’s full wardrobe and offers possible outfits, who wouldn’t want to move in to Cher’s magnificent mansion?!

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5. The School

Clueless fans may have mixed memories about their own high-school days, but one can only wish that they had been lucky enough to head to class with Cher and Dionne. Filmed at Occidental College in Los Angeles, the school featured sunlit classrooms, an outdoor cafeteria, and tennis courts that would have made any school day that much better.

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4. The Teachers

Who could forget Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist? The two overly-awkward teachers charmed viewers and then each other on-screen to the delight of Cher and Dionne and everyone watching. With lipstick-stained teeth and a good-cause always in mind, Ms. Geist was the adorable educator to perfectly match Mr. Hall’s quirkiness.

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3. The Friendships

Cher may face a few bumps in the road when it comes to her relationships with her friends during the movie’s span, but ultimately she has an awesome group of pals. From bestie Dionne to new friend Tai, Cher has the type of friendships that everyone would be lucky to have. Especially if every single person in the group was wildly wealthy.


2. The Relationships

Romance makes its mark in Clueless with not just one, but many relationships popping up from start to finish. Dionne and Murray are the steadfast duo whereas Cher and Josh only manage to hook-up near the very end. Tai and Travis make a sweet side-story while Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist are the adorable adults finding love thanks to the matchmaking skills of the main characters.

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1. Enduring

After making its debut over 20 years ago, Clueless hasn’t lost any of its appeal. As if! (It had to be done). Aging admirably, the cast, the music, the fashion, and the story have audiences loving it as much as ever.

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