Soap Opera Characters Who Went From Exciting To Boring

Published on August 2, 2018. Updated June 17, 2019

Whether you are talking the girl-next-door, hero/heroine, villain or villainess, the police commissioner, or the town’s mayor, each soap opera character brings a unique piece of the puzzle when it comes to daytime drama storylines. While some sparkle more than others, there are also roles within a show that lose their magic after a while. Below are 12 soap opera characters who went from exciting to bbboorrringgg!

12. Y&R’s Lauren Fenmore

Lauren Fenmore is a Young and the Restless (Y&R) character that has been around for decades and has stayed relevant within the soap opera for years now. Could it be a lack of storyline or simply the fact that she has done and seen it all that lands her on this list? Lauren has lacked a special something for many months now.

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11. DOOL’s Jennifer Horton

A staple on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) for literally decades, Jennifer Horton was like a little spitfire in her 20s and 30s. As a journalist, she was always searching for that next big story in Salem or embarking on a new adventure. Perhaps it’s the stress of being the rock of the family, or maybe it’s all the craziness going on with her adult children, but Jenn has been a little boring as of late.

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10. GH’s Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine

When Olivia Falconeri first arrived on the General Hospital (GH) scene, she and son Dante turned the entire town of Port Charles upside down! Maybe marrying into money has toned down her Bensonhurst attitude? Regardless, the only interesting things that have been going on in her world as of late are her spats with Monica in the Quartermaine mansion.

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9. Y&R’s Abby Newman

Remember when Abby created controversy on the fly as the Naked Heiress? Yes, the youngest Newman daughter has grown up and matured, but she’s also lost her flare along the way. She seems more like a spoiled tween that’s constantly vying for daddy Victor’s attention and oddly jealous of her siblings and their achievements. The corporate boardroom has turned this once exciting character into a boring one.

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8. DOOL’s Eric Brady

Eric Brady and Nicole Walker had a magical and whirlwind love affair, but since Nicole left Salem, Eric has been missing something in the excitement department. Maybe it’s his so-so relationship with Jenn Horton and the fact that the most exciting storyline he’s been in as of late is spats with her over family matters. He just doesn’t seem to have anything big going on anymore.

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7. GH’s Michael Corinthos

You know what they say about nice guys, they always finish last! Michael is actually a pretty decent person, but he’s lost his shine. With Nelle doing a number on him and his mom, he seems like a doormat that continually gets stepped on without repercussion. Perhaps all Michael needs is a new love, or a fresh storyline.

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6. Y&R’s Mariah Copeland

Camryn Grimes is a phenomenal actress and Y&R fans were very excited when Mariah exploded onscreen in 2014. Copeland had an incredible storyline when she first entered Genoa City around shaking Sharon up into believing she was her late daughter Cassie. Over the years, things have gone downhill for Mariah storyline-wise. She had an interesting BFF-turned-love arc with Tessa months ago that fizzled fast, and Copeland is once again playing the non-exciting role of Sharon’s confidant and the girl who always banters with Hilary during work hours.

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5. DOOL’s Rafe Hernandez

When Rafe hit the Salem scene in 2008, DOOL fans swooned over the smart, good-looking, and honorable character. Maybe his relationship with Hope Brady (that lacked chemistry) made him boring? Despite the recent reveal about his one-night stand with Sami, causing a rift between him and Hope, most DOOL audiences are over Hernandez.

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4. GH’s Griffin Munro

He’s sweet, charming, attractive, a genuinely good man, and he’s a doctor? Griffin Munro has exciting soap opera leading man written all over him. Plus that accent! Sadly, lack of interesting storylines and romances has turned this incredible character into a boring one. Anyone other GH fans out there that wish the writers would hook him up with Elizabeth Webber already?

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3. Y&R’s Paul Williams

Paul Williams recently celebrated four decades in Genoa City, making the actor who plays him (Doug Davidson) the longest-serving cast member on the show. Paul is a popular and beloved character, but lately, he’s been a bit boring. Which is more of a testimony to the lack of storylines for him, versus the character himself.

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2. DOOL’s Roman Brady

Remember when Roman Brady was cool and at the center of all the action in Salem? It’s literally been decades since he’s been exciting, so some younger DOOL fans may not remember a time when Roman was the man! With that said, recasting killed this character in many ways and once actor Josh Taylor stepped into the role in 1997, the part fizzled.

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1. GH’s Franco Baldwin

While Franco seems to be placed in every storyline within Port Chuckles, many GH fans feel that the writers are simply shoving him down the audiences’ throats. Franco used to be an interesting character when he was played by James Franco; however, over the years storylines have dumbed-down his eccentric nature, causing Franco to land at the top of this boring list.

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