5 Hottest New Soap Opera Couples

Published on February 17, 2016.

In the land of soap operas, couples fall in love, break up, only to make up again. With many long time characters on some daytime shows for decades now, and many recycled relationships over the years, finding new and interesting love matches can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of new couples that are making waves within daytime television today. Below is a list of the top five hottest new soap opera couples.

5. Rafe Hernandez and Hope Williams – Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Hope land on the bottom of this list, only because they are still on the cusp of a relationship. While they are in the early stages of coupledom, these two older characters have a promising chemistry for some pretty intense love scenes in the future. They are both incredibly good looking, as well as intelligent, feisty, and good-natured. With Aiden and Bo not in the picture, the door has opened for Hope to fall in love again, and it seems like her sights are set on Rafe. Which is good news for the cop with a golden heart, as he’s had his eye on the lovely Hope Williams for a while now.


4. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall – General Hospital

Man fans have been rooting for this couple to reunite since Jake Doe first strolled back into Port Charles in 2014. While the characters have had an on-again-off-again relationship in the past, recasting Billy Miller into the role of Jason Morgan really does add a unique twist to the chemistry this couple has. From recent scenes Sam and Jason have shared, including a hot-and-heavy lip lock this week, it seems that the new Jason and Sam will have no problem re-igniting the passion they once shared.

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3. Stitch Rayburn and Abby Newman – The Young and the Restless

Affectionately known to some fans as Stabby, this new couple has all the elements for a successful soap super couple: they have history together (with Stitch not only dating Abby’s sister Victoria, but also having an affair with her mom, Ashley); they both are quite attractive, and they have endured quite a lot within such a short time of being together. The question now is, with Stitch’s son in the mix, driving a wedge between them, will they be able to endure this relationship obstacle? Will a baby together help or hurt them? Only time will tell…

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2. Nikolas Cassadine and Hayden Barnes – General Hospital

Yes, Hayden has been lying to Nikolas and plotting with Tracy Quartermaine against him. Alternatively, Nikolas has called up his cousin Sam to launch an investigation on Hayden. Still, weirder relationship barriers have been placed on other soap couples, and they have endured and moved on to some pretty successful relationships. While they recently got married, it’s clear that there is trouble in honeymoon paradise, so why did Nikolas and Hayden make it on this list? If you are talking hot (which we are), then the love scenes between these two characters literally light up daytime television screens weekly. Which makes it that much more understandable as to why Nikolas agreed to marry Hayden, despite his reservations and trust issues in the first place.


1. Noah Newman and Marisa Sierras – The Young and the Restless

Quiet, reserved, and non-confrontational Noah has always done the right thing. Much like his father Nick Newman, Noah has shunned from the way his infamous grandfather Victor has handled business, and has tried leading his own (honest) path to success. Then, Marisa Sierras entered the picture, and all bets were off. Noah has always been an attractive young man, but who knew a woman could bring out so much passion in him? While Marisa’s husband wedged his way between the two lovebirds, it seems as of late, nothing can keep Noah and Marissa apart. With a chemistry like these two have together, who knows what the future holds for Mr. Newman, and Ms. Sierras?

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