8 Soap Couples We Want To See Back Together

Published on September 18, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

Love and passion rule the world of soap operas, and fans tune in daily to watch their favorite characters fall in love, battle conflict, deal with drama, and at times, break up. More often than not, the reason some viewers are so dedicated to a specific soap is because of a certain super couple they have grown to love, so when soap duos break-up, fans are left devastated. Below is a list of the top eight soap couples that many fans want to see get back together.

8. Sharon and Nick Newman – Young and the Restless

A somewhat controversial pick, because there are Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans who love this couple and others who can’t stand them together. Still, whether you are on Team Nick and Sharon or not, the chemistry these two have is undeniable. A relationship that spans over two decades, these two love birds started off as high school sweethearts and, as the old saying goes, you never truly forget your first love – it’s clear they haven’t. They have endured countless affairs, mental illness issues, kleptomania problems (from Sharon), and it seems Nick’s mom (Nikki Newman) and sister (Victoria Newman) have never fully approved of the pair. Alas, whether it is because of co-parenting or just the inability to keep their hands off each other despite anyone against them, they always seem to end up back together. Here’s hoping they get yet another shot at being a couple sometime soon.

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7. Eric Brady and Nicole Walker – Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) boy next door Eric Brady first fell in love with scheming scammer Nicole Walker in the late ’90s and they have shared an incredible relationship of passion, mixed with a little friendship, since. Sure, Nicole practically pushed Eric into priesthood when she chose money over him and left him at the altar, but these are all things of the past. Eric has helped her deal with her daddy issues and Nicole has helped Eric come to terms with his new life away from the church. While Nicole has a pretty solid relationship right now with another great love of her life, Dr. Daniel Jonas, nothing lasts forever in the land of soaps and perhaps she and Eric will eventually find love and happiness once again.

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6. Jason and Sam Morgan – General Hospital

This General Hospital (GH) couple is so close to getting back together, it is almost ridiculous! While a good portion of Port Charles has no idea that the handsome yet mysterious stranger known as Jake Doe is indeed Jason Morgan, once the beans do spill, Jake (or should we say Jason?) will be running (not walking) into Sam Morgan’s arms. In 2012 the couple enjoyed a nice reunion together, taking their first (and sadly last) family photo together with their sweet baby son, Danny. Once Jake finds out his true identity, there are sure to be many more family selfies in this couple’s future.

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5. Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers – Young and the Restless

Alas, Nick Newman makes this list once again, thanks to the fun and passionate love affair he shared with his other wife, Phyllis Summers. The two came together in 2005 after an accident involving her son and his adopted daughter, Cassie, occurred. It resulted in Cassie’s death and rather than turning to his wife at the time (Sharon), he turned to Phyllis, thus their supercouple status began. What made this couple such a fan favorite was their mix of tremendous chemistry, coupled with a fun friendship that seemed to always pull them through during the darkest of times. Unfortunately, Phyllis’ scheming and Nick’s need to be the hero for Sharon has always bridged the gap in their relationship. However, they have both grown as individuals over the years and reuniting this couple would provide an interesting dynamic in the land of Genoa City.

Source: www.fanpop.com

4. Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady – Days of Our Lives

A huge DOOL super couple in the ’80s, Steve “Patch” Johnson and Kayla Brady defined an era when it came to soap opera love affairs. Bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets good girl next door. They had the perfect recipe of love and a tremendous fan following back in the day. While the couple reunited in 2006, when Patch was brought back from the dead, they have been estranged since 2014. Still, all that could change (and fast), with Patch re-entering the DOOL scene. It’s only a matter of time before these two lovers re-kindle their romance for all DOOL fans to enjoy once again!

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3. Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett – General Hospital

Sonny Corinthos, Port Charles’ mob boss with a soft heart, has seen many loves during his GH tenure, but none of them have captivated him more than the beautiful Brenda Barrett. Their love affair has spanned over two decades, and the duo have had many ups and downs over the years, including a torn Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar to save her any distress of being ‘married to the mob. While Sonny is currently on-again with ex-wife Carly, should Brenda swoop into town anytime soon, all bets would probably be off. These two share not only a deep love for one another, but unsurmountable chemistry as well.

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2. Bo and Hope Brady – Days of Our Lives

Another DOOL supercouple of the ’80s. After countless adventures, Hope returning from the dead and then losing their son, their love affair was cut short in 2012. The DOOL storyline dictated that Bo took off to help Caroline (his mom) with her Alzheimer’s treatments, but in reality, actor Peter Reckell simply left the soap behind after 23 years. Unfortunately, once Caroline did return to Salem, Bo seemingly stayed behind. He was mentioned from time to time, but the chapter was never successfully closed on Bo and Hope’s epic romance. With the return of Reckell to the DOOL small screen, a reunion between Fancy Face and Brady is imminent and there are many fans out there simply counting down the moments for this to happen.

Source: www.fanpop.com

1. Luke and Laura Spencer – General Hospital

Some GH fans were outraged recently when beloved character Luke left Port Charles without having a final scene with the love of his life, Laura. Audiences loved and still love the supercouple that defined what falling in love on a soap opera should look like in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Over three decades have passed and Luke and Laura’s wedding still remains on record as the highest-rated U.S. daytime soap opera episode in history with an overwhelming 30 million viewers. Sure, Luke has left GH but, as we all know, in the land of soaps, this means nothing. Should he return, there is nothing a loyal GH fan would love more than a reunion between Luke and Laura.

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