9 Most Ridiculous Soap Opera Storylines Ever

Published on October 1, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

The world of daytime television can be interesting and sometimes outrageously ridiculous at times. You have characters (repeatedly) coming back from the dead, evil twins that emerge out of nowhere, mob-action, and super-spy adventures at every corner. At times, even the most bizarre soap opera storyline can have an interesting twist, but other times not so much. Below is a list of the nine most ridiculous daytime soap opera storylines – ever!

9. Sami’s Twins Have Two Different Fathers – Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) heroine Sami Brady has spent a good chunk of her love life going between two men: EJ DiMera, and Lucas Horton. In early 2007, Sami was left in quite a predicament. Literally making a deal with the devil as she slept with EJ in an attempt to save Lucas’ life. She later finds out she is pregnant…and so begins the struggle of figuring out the paternity of her unborn child. Except it turns out that there is not one baby in there,  but two! As the children were fraternal twins, the storyline was possible (well, the chances are about one in a million), yet nonetheless quite ridiculous.

Source: tvsourcemagazine.com

8. Jill Is Katherine’s Daughter … Wait … No She Is Not! – Young and the Restless

In 2003, Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans were shocked to learn that Jill Abbott was indeed the daughter of her long-time nemesis Katherine Chancellor. Shocking, because not only had the two butted heads repeatedly over the years, but also due to the pending relationship that had developed between Jill’s son (Billy Abbott) and Katherine’s granddaughter (Mackenzie Brow). Still, the storyline of watching their relationship grow from bitter enemies, to mother-daughter besties was a beautiful thing to watch. That all came to a crashing halt in early 2009, when a DNA test was conducted to prove that Katherine Chancellor (who everyone thought was dead at the time) was who she said she was. Oddly enough, her DNA did not match Jill’s and it was ultimately revealed that Jill was not Katherine’s daughter. While a new storyline emerged, the old was was swept under the carpet and fluffed off as a prior DNA test gone wrong.

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7. Frozen Part 2 – General Hospital

Perhaps it should be referred to as the original Frozen? Back in 1981, dastardly soap villain Mikkos Cassadine was introduced to General Hospital (GH) viewers. At the time, he was in search of a special diamond that would fuel a machine he manufactured in an effort to freeze the entire world. He only showcased the machine in Port Charles (of all places) and Laura, Luke, as well as Robert Scorpio saved the day as they were able to eventually stop him. In the end, Mikkos died, however he left a bitter widow behind by the likes of Helena, who has been torturing Luke and Laura (as well as the rest of the residents of Port Charles) ever since.

Source: general-hospital.wikia.com

6. Stefano Lives – Days of Our Lives

In the world of daytime soaps, it’s not unusual for characters to pass away, and come back. Sometimes it is in the form of a twin, while other times it turns out the actual character did not die at all. Such is the case when it comes to Salem’s most vicious villain, Stefano DiMera. The man literally must have feline genes in him somewhere, because he’s probably died and come back to the show well over nine times. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where viewers expect Stefano to return (at some point) despite any and all death scenes. He might very well be a vampire.

Source: NBC

5. Vampire Diaries – General Hospital

Speaking of vampires, what started as a storyline in GH’s spin-off Port Charles in 2001, ended up spilling into a plot well after that show’s demise. While Lucy battled vampires back in the day, she found herself in the very same predicament when she returned to GH in 2013. The re-established story centered on a vampire named Caleb, who looked a lot like John McBain, a police officer. The love of Caleb’s life, Livvie, also ironically looked a lot like Sam Morgan. While Lucy did end up killing Caleb (but how do you kill the undead, really?), Caleb ended up walking away from the incident unscathed. Days later, Dr. Silas Clay (again, someone who looks a lot like Caleb) entered the GH picture. Now, with Silas dead, here’s hoping that vampire storyline is gone for good.

Source: www.daytimeconfidential.com

4. Sharon Newman Marries Her Father-In-Law – Young and the Restless

Some fans love her, some hate her, and some love to hate her; however, long-time Y&R character Sharon Newman has seen it all, and done it all during her over twenty years with the daytime soap. One thing to add to her resume includes marrying all three adult Newman men: Nick, his older brother Adam, and their father Victor. In 2012, during what many fans call the Shictor era, Sharon married her father-in-law twice. The ridiculousness almost insulted many longtime fans as Sharon and Victor had always had a unique father-daughter bond. While she genuinely loved Nick and had an incredible romance with Adam – shacking up with Victor made no sense at all.

Source: CBS

3. Jake Spencer Is Alive – General Hospital

During a gut-wrenching GH storyline in 2011, young Jake Spencer was killed in a hit-and-run accident at the hands of his grandfather, Luke Spencer. Filled with emotion, heartbreak, and drama, the plot was well-executed allowing for tremendous character growth with Jake’s mom, Elizabeth Webber, his adopted dad Lucky, and biological father Jason Morgan. Fast-forward four years and it turns out Jake is alive, and with (of course) the evil Helena Cassadine. It seems Jake was brought back to intensify the newly evolved storyline of Jason Morgan himself coming back from the dead (that’s another crazy plot all together); however, bringing a child, who was clearly dead, back to life was ridiculous to say the least.

Source: www.daytimeconfidential.com

2. Jack Abbott’s Doppelganger – Young and the Restless

Twins and look-alikes seem to pop-up all over the place in Genoa City. Fans watched as the delusional Sheila Carter impersonating Phyllis Summers to get back at Lauren Fenmore, and more recently, Sharon Newman learned that her daughter Cassie had a twin when Mariah rolled into town. However, the recent Jack Abbott look-alike storyline on the Y&R has been a tad ridiculous. Long-time enemy Victor Newman brought Jack’s doppelganger (also known as South American drug lord Marco Annicelli) to town to impersonate Jack while he was kidnapped by his crazy ex-girlfriend Kelly. What’s even more ridiculous is that Marco was able to pull it off for a long while and even tricked street-smart and savvy Phyllis … Jack’s long-time better half.

Source: CBS

1. E.T. Visits Port Charles – General Hospital

Let’s remember this was the early ’90s, still the storyline was pretty insane. Young (and adorable) Robin Scorpio befriended an alien from another planet called Lumina. The poor guy was frantically searching for a crystal to get his U.F.O. back and running so that he could return home. However the crystal happened to be on Spoon Island, resting nicely with crazy-obsessed Cesar Faison, who had an odd fascination with Robin’s mother, Anna Devane. Of course Frisco Jones and Anna did eventually buy into Robin’s over-active imagination as she helped snag the crystal for the alien so he could successfully return home. Wait, was it a dream? Sadly no, it wasn’t.

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