9 Real-Life Soap Opera Couples That Met On The Set

Published on December 31, 2017. Updated June 26, 2019

For some, finding love at work is the only option amidst busy schedules and a focus on career goals. When it comes to the land of daytime soaps, it is easy to blur the lines of reality and fiction, especially when your job is all about drama and falling in love…it can be easy to get caught up in the romance of it all. Regardless, below is a list real-life soap couples that met, fell in love with, and built a life together, with their soap opera co-stars. Moreover, they have managed to stay together in the long run!

9. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) – Days of Our Lives

Dr. Daniel Jonas and Nicole Walker have enjoyed a rollercoaster ride on-screen when it comes to love. They have battled baby momma dramas, deception, and so much more. However, in real-life, these two started dating in early 2014. Off the cusp of a failed marriage with another Days alumni Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady Black), the two took their friendship on the DOOL set, and went to another level. As it seems, much like Nicole, Arianne is also getting a second chance at true love.

8. Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne) – General Hospital

While General Hospital’s (GH) Britt Westborne and Morgan Corinthos never hooked up on the popular daytime soap, the real-life co-stars Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud seemed to connect right from the get-go. They began dating in 2013, and have been happy together ever since. So happy in fact, that the duo has decided to make it official. Bryan sent out a tweet about their engagement in the summer this year and posted a shot of Thiebaud’s ring on Instagram. No word on the official date that these two will walk down the aisle…but we’ll keep you posted!

7. Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos) and Kristen Alderson (ex-Kiki Jerome) – General Hospital

While Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome shared a pretty intense relationship on GH, it seems the both co-stars took a page from that storyline and started dating in real-life. Was it all the love scenes that created a spark between Chad and Kristen? No one can say for sure, but these two have been inseparable since they started dating in 2013. While they aren’t engaged, like their co-stars Kelly and Bryan, perhaps it is only a matter of time.

6. Kirsten Storms (Maxi Jones) and Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) – General Hospital

While Johnny Zacchara and Maxi Jones only flirted with love, partaking in a kiss on GH, the stars playing these characters have done a little more than toy with the idea of getting together. Working together for many years on the GH set, the duo started dating in early 2013. Still, being friends first may have done the trick for Barash and Storms because in the summer of that year, they both reported to People Magazine that they had secretly wed, and their first child was on the way. In early 2014, Kirsten gave birth to a bouncy baby girl named Harper Rose Barash, and these two soap actors seem to be sharing a far better love life together, than their GH alter egos.



5. Thad Luckinbill (Ex-J.T. Hellstrom) and Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) – Young and the Restless

It’s the classic soap opera love story: penniless boy from the wrong side of the tracks, meets and falls in love with an uptown girl. This recipe worked very well for Victoria Newman and J.T. Hellstrom way back in the day in Genoa City. In fact, it was such a well made match that the two had a child together, and got married. Perhaps the successful relationship rubbed off on co-stars Thad and Amelia – as the two decided to get into the action. Alas, while J.T. and Vicky didn’t last the long haul, it seems that Heinle and Luckinbill are having way better luck in love. The two tied the knot in 2007, and have add to their family by having a boy in November 2007, and a little girl two years later in December 2009.

4. Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan Santiago) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) – General Hospital

Elizabeth Webber is embroiled in a dramatic love affair (which is on the cusp of ending), currently with Jason Morgan. Still, it turns out that Juan Santiago has long stolen her heart. While Michael Saucedo was on the show for two years (1999 to 2001), he managed to develop a strong connection with Rebecca Herbst, and the two married in 2001. Almost 15 years later, the couple is still happily married, with three kiddos.

3. Vince Van Patten (Ex-Christian Page) and Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) – Young and the Restless

The beautiful and success Ashley Abbott on the Y&R is currently single (and pining for her daughter’s beau); however, in real-life, she is happily married to a former cast member of the show. Oddly enough, she met her current husband, Vince Van Patten, on the set of Y&R, when he played her on-screen character’s boyfriend in 2000 for a short while. Odd, because not only is Van Patten the son of the late television actor Dick Van Patten, he is also an ex-tennis pro, World Poker Tour commentator, and has acted here and there. The duo married in April 2003, had a son, and lived (as they say) happily ever after. Ashley may be a tad jealous to know that while things didn’t work out for her when it came to Christian Page, it did for Eileen.

Roth Stock/Everett Collection

Roth Stock/Everett Collection

2. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) and Cindy Fisher (Ex-Dana/Ex-Rebecca) – Young and the Restless

Speaking of Y&R, who doesn’t love the handsome, funny, and smart Paul Williams? Much like Eileen, Doug Davison met his longtime love and current wife, on the set of the show in the ’80s, and married in 1984. After 30 years of marriage, the two are still as strong as ever, and have two children. On an interesting note, along with her stints as Dana and Rebecca on the Y&R, Fisher played two characters on Days of Our Lives, and has worked on various stage, television, and film projects.

1. Bill and Susan Hayes (Doug and Julie Williams) – Days Of Our Lives

It is a rarity to be able to stay married in the land of Hollywood, and it is even more rare to be able to keep a marriage successful in the land of soaps. However, this duo has been able to accomplish both. Doug and Julie are one of the longest-running soap opera couples (still together) currently on daytime television. Fans know them as Hope Williams’ parents, and we have seen them both help her tremendously through the good times and the bad. Married (in real-life) for over 40 years, both actors continue to be DOOL fan favorites, and staples on the show. In this very case, it does seem like art does in fact imitate life.

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