Ben McKenzie, Morena Baccarin: 5 Shocking Developments

Published on November 12, 2015. Updated April 4, 2017

Just as Morena Baccarin’s relationship with her Gotham costar Ben McKenzie is starting to really heat up, her custody battle with her ex Austin Chick is also becoming heated. Things seem to have gotten worse since Morena first announced that she’s pregnant with Ben’s child and Austin seems pretty bitter about the whole thing. Here are 5 shocking developments in the Morena, Ben and Austin situation:

5. Austin Was Blindsided by Morena and Ben’s Relationship

According to court documents, around the time that Morena got pregnant with Ben’s child, Austin was under the impression that they working on their relationship. “Austin was totally shocked when he found out about the affair,” a source told ET. “Totally blindsided. When Morena left him for Ben, Austin was devastated – completely shocked.”

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4. Morena Has Primary Custody

Morena and Austin share legal custody, but she has primary physical custody. In September, a Los Angeles judge ruled in her favor, allowing her to move their two-year-old son Julian to New York City, where she films Gotham. Rather than have Morena fly back and forth from New York to Los Angeles (which she had done six times between July and September), both parties agreed that Julian would spend 18 days in New York each month.

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3. Morena Rented an Apartment for Austin in NYC

Morena rented a $6850 a month apartment in New York City for Austin, so that they could co-parent. This summer, he shipped some furniture there and stayed there with their son Julian for two weeks; however, this changed when Ben came into the picture.

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2. Austin Refuses to Co-Parent

Since finding out about Morena and Ben’s relationship, Austin doesn’t want to co-parent in New York. He has requested that Julian spend one week per month in New York and one week per month in Los Angeles; however, the course has advised that the child spend eight days visiting his father in Los Angeles every two months.

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1. Morena’s High Risk Pregnancy

According to court documents, Morena’s gynecologist claims that the actress’ pregnancy is high risk and has advised “against extensive air travel.” A hearing on child and spousal support is scheduled for November 19.

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