Soap Opera Couples Who Will Reunite In 2023

Published on November 16, 2022.

With a brand-new year on the horizon, forgiveness, longing and even family crises will inevitably put some broken couples back in each other’s orbit. But which Bold And The Beautiful (B&B), Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH) and Young And The Restless (Y&R) pairings will find love again? Read on for a list of soap opera couples we predict will reunite in 2023.

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12. Carly And Sonny – GH

When Sonny betrayed Carly with her nemesis Nina, it truly looked like they were through for good. Then Carly moved on from Sonny with Drew. But something always inevitably brings “CarSon” back together, and this year will be no exception. It could be another mob war or a family crisis. But mark our words, Sonny and Carly will reunite in 2023.

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11. Gabi And Stefan – DOOL

Gabi and Stefan’s reunion has been three years in the making. As viewers know, Gabi originally seduced Stefan so she could seize control of DiMera Enterprises. Not surprisingly, she fell in love with him in the process and the pair got married. But tragedy struck when Stefan stepped in front of a bullet for his mother and sadly passed away. Recently, however, Dr. Rolf brought Gabi’s late husband back to life. Even though Stefan is currently dating Chloe and Gabi is engaged to Li, the indisputable chemistry between “Stabi” cannot be ignored, and they’ll be back in each other’s arms soon enough.

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10. Paris And Zende – B&B

When Paris was unceremoniously dumped at the altar by Carter in 2022, who was there to help her pick up the pieces? Zende, naturally! The Forrester designer has been smitten with the younger Buckingham sister since she arrived in L.A. For her part, Paris is young, and although she is attracted to Zende, she’s also been pretty fickle towards him. But her failed marriage attempt forced her to grow up a little. In 2023, she’ll suddenly realize her mother was right all along and that Zende is the perfect man for her.

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9. Nick And Sharon – Y&R

Let’s face it, Nick and Sharon belong together; they always have and they always will. So, in 2023, “Shick” fans will finally get the reunion they’ve been clamoring for since Sharon left Nick at the altar back in 2018. Y&R had been hinting that this couple would reunite, even before Rey tragically passed away, and it’ll finally happen in 2023.

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8. Maxie And Spinelli – GH

Maxie and Spinelli have had a solid friendship for years now. However, they were engaged in the past and even share a daughter together. Although Maxie views her ex as a pal, it’s obvious he still has deep feelings for her. But will Maxie suddenly feel the spark that initially drew her to Spinelli in the first place? All signs point to yes!

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7. Gwen And Xander – DOOL

Now that Xander’s back to his old tricks, it’s not very likely Sarah’s going to put up with him for long. She recently told her mother her new husband was walking the straight and narrow. But what she didn’t know was — at that very moment — he was putting a cloth with chloroform over Susan’s face. When it comes out that Xander snatched Susan, and it will, it may mean the end for Sarah and Xander. But who will he turn to when his wife spurns him? Why, his troublemaking ex-girlfriend Gwen, of course!

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6. Elena And Devon – Y&R

Devon’s love life took quite a turn in 2022. He had been in a stable relationship with Amanda for months. But when her mother’s health got worse and she spent more and more time in Virginia, Devon found himself alone. And when Amanda recently came home for a surprise visit, she was stunned to discover Devon and Abby in each other’s arms. So, Devon is single again and ripe for a reunion with his ex-girlfriend, Elena. Although the doctor recently got back together with Nate, there’s bound to be even more trouble ahead for this couple. With Devon living right across the hall, it seems inevitable that these neighbors will reunite in 2023.

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5. Sam And Drew – GH

Fans have been hoping for a Sam and Drew reunion since the former Navy SEAL returned to Port Charles in 2021. Although Sam is currently in a relationship with Dante, and Drew is involved with Carly, both couplings will end early in the year. So, it won’t be long before Drew and Sam find themselves drawn to each other once again.

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4. Diane And Jack – Y&R

Jack seems to be a sucker for vulnerable women, which is how he currently views Diane. Of course, she’s anything but, and plays on Jack’s emotions whenever she gets the chance. Diane even kissed him, but he pulled back and told her he can’t give her what she wants. However, since then, he’s flashed back to that kiss several times. Jack has also been defending Kyle’s mother to Phyllis and Ashley, as of late. Diane seems to have Jack right where she wants him, but will she reel him in? Absolutely!

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3. Chloe And Brady – DOOL

Chloe was completely blindsided when Brady dumped her. Then she was horrified when she found out he’d gotten back together with Kristen. But what she didn’t know was that he only did it to save his stepmother’s life. Brady’s reunion with the mother of his child was doomed from the start, which means it’s only a matter of time before he leaves Kristen and begs Chloe for another chance.

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2. Brooke And Ridge – B&B

Once the truth comes out about Thomas using the voice app to make it sound like Brooke called Child Protective Services, Ridge will quickly realize he left his wife for absolutely no reason. However, there’s just one problem – as usual, Ridge jumped the gun. He’s already moved in with Taylor and proposed marriage to her. So, when he discovers Thomas’ dirty little secret, will he leave Taylor in the dust and go running back to Brooke? It may not happen at first. He’ll feel guilt-ridden for having blamed Brooke for the call in the first place, but he also won’t want to humiliate Taylor. So, he may flip flop between the two women for another few months. However, in the end, he’ll ultimately reunite with Brooke, because he always does.

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1. Sally And Adam – Y&R

Sally recently told Nick she needed a drama-free relationship, which in essence meant an Adam-free relationship. But although she sees Nick as a stable and steadfast alternative to his brother, viewers know where her heart really lies — with Adam. A reunion between Sally and Adam in 2023 is as inevitable as breathing, or heavy breathing in the case of this super couple!

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Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2023

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Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2023

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