Soap Opera’s 7 Worst BFFs

Published on October 5, 2017.

The land of daytime drama has produced some wonderful friendships across the spectrum. Soap opera BFFs are more than just friends, they tend to become like family over the years. Still, much like anything on daytime drama, friends betray each other, stab one another in the back, or sometimes friendships fizzle. Below is a list of seven of the worst soap opera BFFs.

7. GH’s Lois Cerullo and Brenda Barrett

In the mid-90s when these two ladies arrived on the General Hospital (GH) scene, they were pretty tight. In fact, Lois and Brenda even ran a recording label known as L&B Records. Lois gravitated towards the Quartermaines and Ned Ashton, while Brenda was drawn to mobster Sonny Corinthos. The mob and Quartermaines simply do not mix and these BFFs drifted apart.


6. Days’ E.J. DiMera and Will Horton

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Will and E.J. had a very complicated friendship and DiMera was at point Will’s step-dad. There was a point in time when these two were tight. While they were BFFs around 2012, there was also a lengthy time period when these two young men did not get along. In fact, there were storylines where fans saw Will shoot E.J. and try to blackmail him. Having said that, Will’s mom Sami did both to E.J. as well, being his wife and the mother of his children. The land of Salem can be a very weird and ironic place.

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5. Y&R’s Victoria Newman and Sabrina Costelana

Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Vicky became BFFs with Sabrina when they both studied at Italy’s Guggenheim Program. Victoria was excited when Sabrina landed in Genoa City in 2008. However, she was less enthusiastic when she came to learn that Sabrina was involved with her dad, Victor. Victor and Sabrina would move on to get married, but sadly Sabrina ended up dying in a car crash later that year. The two women exchanged kind words before she passed, but Vicky had wasted all those months leading up to Sabrina’s death, overreacting about her being with Victor.

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4. Days’ Nicole Walker and Chloe Lane

Speaking of being on bad terms, Nicole and Chloe haven’t been the best of friends as of late. Sure, Chloe made the ultimate sacrifice and became a surrogate mom for Nicole and Daniel since Walker could not carry a baby to term on her own. However, Chloe ended up hiding the fact that the child she was carrying was Nicole and even when the truth came out, Chloe tried to keep baby Holly away from Nicole. Not cool …

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3. Y&R’s Jill Abbott and Katherine Chancellor

These two women have had a wonderful rivalry over the years and also shared a unique friendship. Unfortunately, jealousy and lies would always seem to overcome any chance for a solid BFF relationship. The only silver lining to all of this was that both women were on good terms before Katherine passed away and Jill has very fond memories of her rival that turned out to be a good friend.

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2. GH’s Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine

They’d been very good friends since they were teenagers. Elizabeth gravitated romantically to Lucky Spencer and Nikolas to Emily Quartermaine. After Liz and Lucky tied the knot, these two became family and were still very tight as Liz was Emily’s BFF. The kink in this relationship was the fact that things turned romantic, and awkward, for Liz and Nikolas at one point in time. They did move on, but hiding Jake Doe’s true identity (Jason Morgan) together a year ago was certainly not a highlight in their friendship.

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1. Y&R’s Sharon Newman and Grace Turner

There is no love lost between these former BFFs. While Grace and Sharon were tight in the early days, Grace’s obsession with Sharon’s husband Nick would be the downfall of their friendship. Nick was attracted to Grace, but Turner also worked overtime to seduce him. He would eventually give to her and they shared an crazy affair behind Sharon’s back. She would eventually find out and things were over with her and Nick (for a while) and BFF status with Grace was over for good. Sadly, Nick would always go knocking on Grace’s door whenever things went downhill with Sharon. Unfortunately, a man came in between this friendship, but it doesn’t seem like there was that much loyalty on Grace’s part anyway.

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