The Best 6 Soap Opera Newcomers Of 2015

Published on March 4, 2016.

Entering the world of daytime television can be an incredible break for any actor or actress. Some use soap operas as a stepping stone for prime time television, stage roles, or even film careers. Then, there are those who start off in soap operas, and end up turning a short-term character into a soap opera legend. Below are some fresh faces who emerged onto the soap scene in 2015. Whether they end up becoming Hollywood mega stars, or soap opera royalty, is really up to them. Read on to learn more about the best six soap opera newcomers of 2015.

6. Vivian Jovanni – Ciara Brady – Days of Our Lives

Thanks to soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS), Vivian Jovanni entered the role as Ciara Brady in October of 2015, and has blown Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans away. Not only does she look a lot like her strong-willed on-screen mom, Hope Brady, she also has similar facial expressions, body movements, and mannerisms. While it is always a bit of shock for fans when a child soap opera character is replaced by a teenager, Jovanni has helped smooth out that transition with her solid performance of Ciara. Now involved in a rape storyline with other SORAS victim, Chase Jennings, Days fans are even more intrigued to see the depths this actress can dig in to.


5. Robert Palmer Watkins – Dillon Quartermaine – General Hospital

Robert Palmer Watkins had big shoes to fill when he entered the role of Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital (GH) in the summer of 2015. With fan favorite Scott Clifton in the role for four years, and making appearances for storyline purposes from time to time even after he left the show, GH fans had grown accustom to relating to Clifton, when it came to Dillon Quartermaine. After all, Clifton had really grown and evolved within that role. Alas, newcomer Watkins has dived into Dillon, and turned the character into something of his own. While this is his first break in acting, Watkins is no stranger to GH, as he originally auditioned for the role of Sonny Corinthos’ son Morgan in 2013.


4. Jonathan Mclendon – Chase Jennings – Days of Our Lives

DOOL’s Chase Jenkins just may be following in his father’s footsteps as of late. Raping Ciara Brady, aligning with Andre DiMera, unfortunately this youngster has been a lost soul ever since his father passed away in late 2015. While the actor that portrays Chase is a newcomer to soaps, he’s no slouch when it comes to talent. It’s no wonder he hits this list at number four, as the young actor completed high school at 16 years of age, loves to DJ, create video games, sing, and enjoys playing the guitar…in addition to his incredible acting skills. He’s also previously starred in some independent movies, including The Playroom, and Skateland.


3. Brytni Sarpy – Valerie Spencer – General Hospital

Bursting onto the GH scene in March of 2015, Brytni Sarpy’s Valerie character was a part of some incredible storylines last year. She was introduced to GH audiences as Luke Spencer’s niece, and was a part of some pretty volatile scenes with the soap opera icon. She also was included in a love triangle that helped tear apart super couple Dante and Lulu. Not sure what is next for this soap opera newcomer, but if her first year on daytime television is any indication, then the sky’s the limit for Sarpy.

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2. Miles Gaston Villanueva – Luca Santori – The Young and the Restless

Miles started on the Young and the Restless (Y&R) in August 2015, and in less than seven months on the show, his character Luca Santori has become an integral part of Y&R storylines. Santori is handsome, charming, devious, and seems to have quickly become public enemy number one for most residents in Genoa City (including Victor Newman). While this Y&R role is the first soap opera stint for Villanueva, he has had several years of theatre work, travelling with companies such as TheatreWorks, Great Lakes Theatre, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.


1. Sofia Pernas – Marisa Sierras – The Young and the Restless

Sofia Pernas was only ahead of her handsome co-star Miles by a couple of months, but has also created quite an impact within Genoa City, and the soap opera world. As beautiful (and mysterious) Marisa Sierras, she has caught the eye of Noah Newman and despite some lies and deceit along the way, he is simply too smitten to leave her behind. While Marissa is Pernas’ first soap opera role, she has played roles on NCIS, and Age of Dragons in the past. She also worked on Indigenous, and played a lead role in this independent film.


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