The Wildest Soap Opera Fan Theories Ever

Published on September 27, 2018. Updated February 16, 2022

When a plot heats up, soap opera fans can’t help but speculate on what will come to be. While daytime drama shows out there can have some pretty outrageous plots, fans find a way of twisting their own theories of what could or should happen within a storyline. Below are the wildest soap opera fan theories ever.

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12. Stella’s Secret – General Hospital

Some fans find Stella Henry annoying, while others find her highly entertaining, and then there are some that see her meddling habits with Curtis intriguing. She was supposedly his auntie that came in to raise him when his mother got sick; however, could Stella be hiding the fact that she is his real bio mom? There are GH viewers out there that think so!

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11. Jack’s Paternity – Young and the Restless

While we all know that Jack Abbott isn’t really an Abbott, nor a Chancellor for that matter, it seems as if his pursuit in finding his bio dad has relaxed significantly. There are many Y&R fans out there that seem to think that in the end, it will probably turn out that John was really Jack’s father when the storyline suits a reversal; however, there are also some viewers that think it would be neat to see Victor turning out to be Jack’s father. This may be a little hard to pull off because of their ages, but anything is possible in soap opera land!

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10. Traci’s Paternity – Young and the Restless

Speaking of Jack’s paternity, when Dina revealed that John was not his father and talking about stories of affairs, many Y&R fans began to speculate about Traci. She and Billy are the only two children of John’s that remain intact, and with Dina’s wandering eye, no one would be surprised if it ended up that she was not an Abbott as well.

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9. What’s Up With Sami? – Days of Our Lives

With Sami Brady flying out of town right after she had a one-night stand with Rafe, it’s not hard to put two and two together to realize her big return might have her coming back with a baby bump. Still, just because she returns to Salem expecting doesn’t necessarily mean that Rafe is the father, and a storyline could explode if there were hints around Hernandez not being the baby’s daddy. Wouldn’t be the first time that Sami told one man he fathered her child when it really was another.

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8. The Mystery Behind Nelle – General Hospital

While we all know who Nelle is now, when she first came to Port Charles town, many GH fans speculated about who she was and why she was so bent on destroying Carly. Wild fan theories circled around from Nelle being Carly’s long-lost daughter to her half-sister to Sonny’s illegitimate child!

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7. Adam Is Alive – Young and the Restless

There was a time when actor Michael Muhney (former Adam Newman) could post a cryptic or Y&R-related tweet, and many fans would begin to draw up theories of his and Adam’s return. It’s not impossible that Muhney could reprise the role but Adam has surely returned (twice, in fact, with Mark Grossman currently in the role). The theory that Adam is alive proved to be true, however, Muhney won’t have any part in it due to how much drama surrounded the actor’s exit from the show years ago.

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6. Could Dr. Bensch Lose His Mind? – General Hospital

Now that the verdict is in, and Kiki won her case, will Dr. Bensch go completely insane? Could he become violent and harm Kiki or someone she loves? Yes, he harassed her, but would he cross the line of causing bodily harm on someone or worse than that? Some GH fans can’t help but speculate that while he lost in court, he may cross the line to seek revenge. But with Ava’s scorn as well, could Ava and Bensch team up to destroy Kiki and Griffin. Sounds crazy that a mom would do that, but Ava is capable of anything.

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5. Nicole’s Return – Days of Our Lives

The Internet are buzzing about Nicole Walker’s return, but why is Nicole coming back to Days? Is it to seek revenge on Brady for dragging her out of town? To truly resolve things with Eric? With Matthew Ashford (former Jack) returning to the show as well, there are many fans that think Nicole’s visit will essentially break up Jeneric, where they will reunite, leaving things open for a Jenn and Jack reunion.

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4. Margaux Dawson – General Hospital

What’s up with Margaux Dawson and why is she so obsessed with Drew’s memory? Many GH fans have chimed in on this with speculation (at first) that Margaux was somehow connected to Nelle and her past. There are others who have thought that she may be Drew’s ex-wife, desperate to keep his memories at bay for potentially selfish reasons. Could she somehow be connected with the Cassadine family and hired to destroy Drew and Jason? She’s got her hooks into something fishy.

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3. J.T.’s Alive – Young and the Restless

When Nick Newman was parading around as J.T. Hellstrom to freak his father out, Y&R fans were ablaze on the web with different conspiracy theories around his resurrection. Some believed that J.T. had a twin that had been parading around as him before Phyllis, Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria killed him and covered up his murder and that the real J.T. was back. Others thought that J.T. had somehow survived the killing and burial to come after the ladies. It was a scary time for the four women that has passed; however, it does looks like this storyline isn’t even close to being over yet.

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2. Sam’s Weird Behaviors – General Hospital

Sam acted very strangely when Jason returned late last year and was finally discovered as the ‘real’ Jason. In fact, Sam had been acting a bit odd, overall, in 2017 leading up to Steve Burton’s return, which made many fans wonder if ‘Sam’ was really ‘Sam’. She turned her back on investigative work, dove into multimedia, asked Jason for a divorce without blinking an eye, and didn’t seem like herself. Had someone tried to take her memories, like they did with Drew, too? Or was there an imposter walking around as Sam, but not really Sam. Some GH fans had the craziest theories.

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1. Will The Real Jason Morgan, Please Stand Up – General Hospital

Speaking of Steve Burton’s return to GH, when it was apparent that he was heading back to the show that started it all for him, fans theories were rampant. Maybe Burton was going to play an imposter to Billy Miller’s Jason Morgan? Perhaps Burton’s Jason Morgan was created by a Cassadine or Cesar Faison (through plastic surgery of course) to wreak havoc in Port Charles. If Burton was the real Jason then what was Billy Miller’s Jason up to all this time? Had he been hired by Helena to ruin Sam’s life to continue the curse she had placed on her? The theories were just crazy!

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