General Hospital: Spoilers For March 2021

Published on February 25, 2021.

As General Hospital (GH) fans enter a new month in the land of Port Charles, it’s time to gear up for more adventure, romance, and drama! A familiar face is set to return to town, while Franco goes missing, and Willow and Michael fend off a new threat. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for March 2021.

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12. Chad Brannon Returns!

Actor Chad Brannon will return to GH screens at some point this March. For those that may remember, Brannon played Zander Smith from 2000 to 2004 on the soap opera. Smith was shot and passed away in his exit storyline, so it’s unclear if Brannon will be reprising the Zander role, playing a ghost, or someone entirely new. Zander Smith also happens to be the biological father of Cameron, so the opportunities around Brannon’s comeback are endless.

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11. Franco Experiences Complications

GH spoilers for early March hint that Franco’s current condition will make a situation complicated. As time goes by, Baldwin will also gain some insight on something and make an unexpected discovery. Could Franco realize that Cam’s real dad is alive? Could this bring on some trouble he doesn’t need?

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10. Franco Goes Missing

GH spoilers for the coming weeks reveal that Franco will go missing. The teasers are rather cryptic, so he could decide to skip town (fearing that the “old Franco” could surface), or be kidnapped. If Baldwin “runs away”, wouldn’t it be interesting if he stumbled upon “Mike”? Regardless, when this does happen, Elizabeth will be beside herself with worry.

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9. Carly Versus Nina

The rivalry between Carly and Nina won’t slow down an inch this month. GH spoilers hint that Nina will have a vent-fest about Corinthos early on in the month, and Carly will be agitated when she feels as if Reeves is crossing a line. Could these negative feelings trickle down to Michael?

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8. Michael’s Compromise

It sounds as if Michael is willing to ensure that Nina is a part of Wiley’s life. After all, he and Willow took Wiley to visit Nina this past week. GH spoilers indicate that Michael will be willing to compromise on a situation in early March. Could this be with Nina, or does this have to do with something else?

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7. Willow and Michael Face A New Threat

Despite meeting Nina half-way, could Reeves believe she’s entitled to more time with Wiley? GH spoilers state that Willow and Michael will face a new threat down the road. Could Nina launch a custody suit? Does Reeves even have a chance against Michael and Willow? While Michael is trying to bridge some understanding, Nina’s hate-on for Carly could egg her on to take this type of action.

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6. Jax’s Concerned

Speaking of Nina, GH spoilers suggest that Jax will spend some time in March lamenting over his inability to get through to Nina. Could Nina have two men pining over her? Not only is Valentin still smitten, but Jax won’t be able to let go or shake the fact that their relationship is over.

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5. Real Andrews Returns

There’s nothing like the original! Back in December 2020, actor Real Andrews needed to step away (temporarily) from his Marcus Taggert role due to a cancer-fighting surgery. Asante Jones was recast in the part for a short while, and it has been reported that he’s wrapped up his time on the soap. The good news is, Andrews’ surgery was a success and he’s back in Port Chuckles, taping scenes. Fans should expect to see OG Taggert sometime in March.

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4. Maxie Sees The Light

GH spoilers note that Maxie Jones will see the light about Peter in early March. Added teasers hint that the double wedding probably won’t go off as planned. Fans should expect a ton of drama to unfold and an equal amount of chaos as the truth about Peter August is revealed for all to see.

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3. Wedding Interrupted

GH spoilers seem to hint that the wedding will get interrupted. Added teasers note that Lucy, who will likely be the one officiating the ceremony, will be stopped at one point, and she’ll also be stunned by something that goes down. Perhaps Peter comes clean, or someone does something drastic.

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2. Anna and Finn

GH spoilers suggest that Anna will play a pivotal role in exposing Peter, along with Valentin’s help. Will the truth coming out influence her relationship with Finn? Added teasers imply that Finn will need some support, and Chase will be there to lean on. There’s a good chance that Finn finds out Chase is his son, soon.

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1. Dante and Sam

GH fans should expect these two “friends” to become that more friendly over March. Spoilers reveal that Dante will be very interested in what Sam’s next steps might be. Sounds as if these two might continue to rely on each other as the month rolls on. What about Britt and Jason? They’ve been spending a lot of time together as of late. They’ll probably remain in each other’s orbit over the next four weeks, as well.

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