General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (March 2, 2020)

Published on February 27, 2020.

March will roll in like a lion this week in the land of Port Chuckles! Brook Lynn is nervous about something, while Michael looks for support. Also, Jason will be in a confrontational mood. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of March 2, 2020.

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9. Brook Lynn Is Nervous

According to GH spoilers, Brook Lynn will feel quite anxious about something this week. Could this have to do with her singing career? She may think about crossing the line, or break her contractual obligations in secret, but either way, she’ll get the nervous feels. Can Ned help her out of this jam this time around? Or, does she have anxiety because good old dad has cut her off?

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8. Michael Needs Support

GH spoilers hint that Michael will look to Ned for support in the coming week. Will he need legal advice, or perhaps he’ll be looking to step away from ELQ duties for a while to be with Wiley. In other related spoilers, Alexis will provide some legal advice to someone. Will Michael need her help, or is it Julian who approaches her (for Brad)?

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7. Willow Struggles

Speaking of Michael, Willow will struggle this week in the aftermath of finding out her infant son has passed. Chase will obviously be concerned for her well-being, and GH spoilers hint he’ll go to Michael for advice. Could this entire thing bring Willow and Michael that much closer?

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6. Nelle Up To No Good?

While Nelle is in jail at the moment, how long before that changes? Could she be released, or is there a possibility she tries to escape? GH spoilers indicate that Nelle will have a run-in with Alexis as the days go by. Could she find a way to get out of jail, snag Wiley, only to come across Alexis?

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5. Crisis Hits Port Charles

GH spoilers suggest a crisis is about to hit the little town of Port Charles, where multiple characters will find themselves in the emergency room at the hospital. This all goes down on Monday’s episode, and it seems as if there is a good chance that Sonny could be involved in some matter.

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4. Sonny Wants Answers

In fact, GH spoilers hint that Sonny will be looking for answers early on in the week. In other related teasers, Laura will be in a confrontational mood with someone, and so will Jason; he’ll be looking for Curtis to provide some answers to questions he has in the coming days. In other teasers, Jordan will be very upset about something that has gone down.

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3. Daddy-Daughter Time

Violet will get her dad all to herself this week, as she and Finn bond in the coming days. The little girl and dad have been through a lot in recent time, so here’s hoping that they are able to have a good day together, with tons of laughter, and some sweet scenes.

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2. Obrecht Is On The Radar

GH spoilers tease that Obrecht will be in high demand in the coming days. First and foremost, she’ll get pressed about something by Spinelli. As the week winds down, Anna will find her and corner her. Seems like Liesl may have some information that both parties are desperate to get a hold of.

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1. Ava Pops In

GH spoilers indicate that Ava will make a point to visit Elizabeth this week. Ava seems a little intimated by Liz’s friendship and past with her current hubby Nikolas. Will she try and threaten Elizabeth, or is this an opportunity for Ava to let Liz know her side of the marital story? Only time will tell!

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