General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 30, 2020)

Published on November 25, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wonder what is on tap for next week? Seems as if the coming days will be just as explosive as the past few have been. Sonny and Jason contemplate their next move, while Jordan and Portia open up to one another. Also, Curtis heads out of town to follow a lead. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of November 30, 2020.

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10. Jason and Sonny

GH spoilers tease that Sonny and Jason will try and figure out what to do next. This might be about Julian or Cyrus. Britt recently spilled the beans on Jerome’s role in the Wiley baby switch fiasco, and Corinthos is very upset. There’s also a good chance that he’ll learn Julian was responsible for the Floating Rib explosion, too. If that is the case, all bets are off, and Julian will be in a mass amount of trouble. If he finds out Cyrus is behind it, the “truce” will be shattered to pieces.

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9. Sam Recalls

GH spoilers imply that Sam will remember something this coming week, and this could have to do with her dad. In other Sam news, she’ll lend a shoulder to cry on for Josslyn, as the grieving teen turns to her for some support. Joss has been through a lot and has lost a lot. Here’s hoping she’ll be okay.

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8. Carly’s Upset

Across town, GH spoilers indicate that Carly will get into a couple of confrontations this week. First off, she’ll hear it from Taggert in the coming days, and it’ll be clear that the two won’t see eye-to-eye on something. Lastly, Sonny will most likely tell her about Julian’s role in Wiley’s baby switch scheme, as added teasers reveal that Carly will be furious with Jerome late next week.


7. Ava and Julian

Speaking of, GH spoilers suggest that Ava will be furious with Julian next week. He’s made a ton of bad decisions as of late, and the repercussions could land in her lap, too. Added teasers state that she’ll turn to Nikolas for help, and as the weekend comes near, she and her “hubby” will come to some sort of understanding.

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6. Jordan and Portia

GH spoilers relay that Jordan will turn to Portia for some assistance this week. As the days go by, the two ladies will open up to each other. Seems like a nice friendship may be blossoming between these characters. In related spoilers, Trina will have something to tell Josslyn that could change their relationship forever.

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5. Olivia Plays Cupid

Some fun GH spoilers indicate that Olivia will try and play Cupid this week, but who could she decide to target? Chances are it’ll be Robert, as he is single and the two are good friends; however, there’s also a slight chance she could focus on Alexis because, with all that has gone down between Ned and Davis, it would certainly add a layer to that storyline.

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4. Curtis Heads Out Of Town

Looks like Curtis is heading out of Port Charles to follow a lead. GH spoilers state that, and also reveal that he’ll learn that Laura knows more than she’s noted in the past. In other Laura teasers, she and Dante won’t be on the same page when it comes to Lulu.

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3. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers hint that Willow and Michael will have a sit down this week to talk about their relationship and future. With the news that Chase and Sasha’s affair was a hoax, they’ll have plenty to think about. In other news, Portia will provide a medical update on a patient. Could this be about Sasha?

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2. Martin Clashes

Martin will be all over Port Charles in the coming days, with GH spoilers teasing that he and Valentin will clash on an issue. As the days go by, the lawyer will provide some important documents to Liz, and when the weekend hits, he’ll be taken aback by an unexpected (and unwanted) visitor.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH spoilers suggest that Nina will dig deep to find compassion for someone who may not be deserving, while Maxie runs into Brando. Rounding out teasers for the week of November 30th, Peter will catch Finn off guard in the coming days, and Carly will invite Alexis over for dinner this week.

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