Audrey Hepburn’s 16 Most Iconic On-Screen Looks

Published on July 5, 2018.

Audrey Hepburn is one of the first actresses to come to mind when thinking of influential fashion icons in film. Her timeless and elegant style has transcended generations and is just as relevant today as it was in the ’50s and ’60s. The doe-eyed beauty had a penchant for effortless fashion and typically wore practical pieces with a feminine twist to them. Her roles on the silver screen differ slightly in their take on fashion, yet all of them remain absolutely iconic, especially paired with Hepburn’s sophisticated charm. Follow along for 16 of her most memorable and iconic on-screen looks of all time:

16. How To Steal A Million — 1966

Audrey Hepburn played Nicole in the stylish rom-com How To Steal A Million which was released in 1966. The film took place in Paris, which is a clear indicator that the fashion will be top notch. Her fashion from the film included a variety of mod minidresses, posh hats, and oversized white sunglasses and her makeup was always made complete with a winged cat eye. It’s no surprise that Givenchy was the mastermind between many of her iconic looks from the film, with this cheetah print hat and white jacket combination being one of them.

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15. Sabrina — 1954

In the classic 1954 film Sabrina, Hepburn plays a young and naive character who spends a few months in Paris. During her stay abroad, she matures from a young girl to a sophisticated woman and quickly becomes the eye of affection for many hopeful suitors when she returns home. During her time away, she clearly picks up a French girl sense of fashion which includes many effortlessly chic pieces. This particular look is one of Sabrina’s key casual looks but it hits the French girl aesthetic on the head — an effortless button up, chic white shorts and feminine metallic mules.

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14. Breakfast at Tiffany’s — 1961

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is without a doubt Hepburn’s most acclaimed film, with a swoon-worthy wardrobe to match! This party look likely isn’t the most iconic of Holly Golightly’s from the film, but it’s definitely still worthy of note. The wrap-style one shoulder dress that Golightly wears to the cocktail party is actually a bed sheet that she expertly wrapped into a dress. A scene was cut from the film in which Holly was taking a bath and had to improvise and create a gown on the spot when guests began to arrive. The point of the clip was to prove that Golightly could look flawless and chic in anything, even a bed sheet! Golightly later changes into a sleek black dress for the latter portion of the party.

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13. Funny Face — 1957

If you’re a fan of Paris and Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face is the ideal Audrey movie for you! In the film, Audrey plays a shy New York-based librarian who is spotted by a famous fashion photographer who is enamored by her beauty. He sweeps up Jo and sends her to Paris where her career as a high-fashion magazine model begins and she wears an array of stunning Givenchy-designed pieces. Although all her beautiful dresses are worthy of note, and will later be mentioned, this casual all-black look that Jo wears to a Paris nightclub is equally as iconic. She pairs the all-black outfit with white socks, but the ever-stylish Audrey was originally not a fan of, but the director insisted they should be worn to make sure her quick-moving feet stand out while she dances around the Paris nightclub.

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12. Sabrina — 1954

Black seems to be Audrey Hepburn’s on-screen color of choice and you can bet on an all-black outfit in nearly every classic film of hers. In the film Sabrina, Audrey’s all-black outfit of choice is this chic ballerina-style dress which she paired with a rhinestone headpiece and silky black gloves. The tailored look shows off her impossibly tiny waist flawlessly and the dainty bow details on the shoulder are the perfect feminine finishing touch.

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11. Roman Holiday — 1953

Audrey Hepburn took the big screen for the first time when she played Princess Ann in the 1953 film Roman Holiday. For the Italian summer heat, Audrey wore light linens, flowy midi skirts and silk scarves for many of the fashion scenes in the film. She also undergoes a dramatic transformation where she chops off her long locks in favor of a short, cropped pixie cut to forgo the heat. The casual European looks from the film are timeless and are still outfits that we imagine European women wearing today while strolling the Roman cobblestone.

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10. My Fair Lady — 1964

Audrey’s fashion goes from negligent to fabulous during her on-screen transformation as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. In the beloved musical, Audrey takes the screen as Eliza who is swept up by a high-profile aristocrat and turned from an unsophisticated working-class girl into an eloquent high-society figure. Her fashion also takes a rags-to-riches transformation, with this gala gown being one of the most iconic from the film.

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9. How To Steal A Million — 1966

By the time Audrey Hepburn starred as Nicole in How To Steal A Million, her fashion partnership, and friendship with Hubert De Givenchy was fully established. Givenchy had a huge role in the outfits she wore for the film, including this sultry black lace gown which was topped with this iconic sheer eye mask. Rather than eye holes, the alluring mask was just sheer enough to still show her dramatic cat eye makeup. The look was topped with a mod ’60s beehive updo and a pair of oversized sparkling earrings.

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8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s — 1961

Many will remember Audrey Hepburn’s fashion from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by her array of little black dresses and chic wool coats, but there is one look in particular that stood out from the rest. Holly wore this magenta pink outfit out on a date with Jose which consisted of a statement cocktail dress dotted with emerald crystals, a collarless matching jacket and a pink tiara to top it off. This look was definitely quite bold in comparison to some of her other understated fashion looks, which proves that Hepburn is truly versatile when it comes to the world of fashion.

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7. Funny Face — 1957

Audrey Hepburn was married three times over the course of her life, but surprisingly the wedding dress of hers that many deem the most iconic is one she wore on-screen! In Funny Face Audrey played Jo, a librarian-turned-fashion model who is swooped off to Paris to model around the city. Her stunning Givenchy designed outfits are truly swoon-worthy, with this bridal number being one of the most memorable. It consists of a boat neckline, slim-fitting corset bodice, and an ankle-length tulle skirt.

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6. Charade — 1963

Audrey Hepburn took to the big screen as Regina Lampert in the film Charade at the beginning of the ’60s. The fashion at the time was filled with mod A-line skirts, bright colors and swing coats, which is exactly what Audrey’s wardrobe in the film consisted of. Her outfits rang true to the ’60s which can be seen in this look with her 3/4 length collared coat, oversized buttons, and chic pillbox hat.

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5. Funny Face — 1956

Of all of Audrey Hepburn’s films, Funny Face is arguably the most iconic when it comes to fashion since style takes a front seat in moving the plot along. A memorable scene from the film features Hepburn removing a long silk cape to reveal this stunning black and white embroidered number underneath. The black and white number seems to be a common shape for Hepburn’s on-film fashion moments with its elegant strapless neckline and vintage ankle-length tulle skirt.

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4. My Fair Lady — 1964

No one could possibly forget the black and white ascot ensemble that Hepburn wore in her role as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. The fashion moment represents the first time Eliza steps out in high-society after her transformation from working-class woman into elite society figure. The statement outfit consists of a long-sleeve lace gown which features monochrome ribbons throughout and an oversized fascinator to top everything off.

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3. Funny Face — 1957

There’s nothing like a lady in red, especially if she happens to be Audrey Hepburn! The star stunned in all the designer garments she wore as Jo Stockton in Funny Face, but admittedly this scarlet number had to be the best. She wore the strapless red number during a photo shoot where she elegantly cascaded down the stairs throwing her arms in the air to show off her sheer crimson shawl and sleek white gloves.

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2. Sabrina — 1954

Audrey Hepburn took the silver screen in Sabrina as a naive girl who transforms into a sophisticated and fashion-forward woman after a two-year romp through Paris. Not only does her demeanor and personality become more mature, but her fashion undergoes a serious upgrade as well. One of the most monumental moments of the film is when the titular character Sabrina makes her high-society debut at a party wearing this strapless organza dress upon her return home. The look features a high-low cut, a detachable train and black floral embroidery throughout. The look is arguably one of the few most recognizable and iconic dresses in all of cinema history!

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1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s — 1961

It comes as no surprise that Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable on-screen look must be given to the sleek little-black-dress she wore in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The iconic Givenchy-designed look coined fashion history as Audrey proved on-screen that owning a little-black-dress is a wardrobe essential for the modern woman. The look is timeless and one that has transcended generations and will continue to do so, which proves just how iconic it truly is!

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