Anna Faris Faces Large Fine After Her Dog Was Found Malnourished

Published on November 22, 2016.
Photo by Andreas Branch/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Actress Anna Faris is reportedly facing a $5000 fine after her pet dog, Pete, was found homeless and emaciated wandering the streets last week.

According to TMZ, Faris adopted the Chihuahua four years ago from the Kinder4Rescue animal shelter, and as part of the adoption agreement signed a contract stating that if she ever turned Pete over to a new owner she would pay $5000. Kinder4Rescue owner Laurel Kinder explained that the contract agreement was made so that they could always know where the animal ends up if it doesn’t stay with the original adopter.

Reports from TMZ state that the shelter got a call on Friday, November 18 from a vet saying someone had brought Pete in and the dog was malnourished and looked to have been wandering the street for some time. It seems Anna Faris and her husband Chris Pratt are currently out of state, but are working to bring Pete home and added they thought they had found him a “nice family home,” but did not elaborate if it was permanent or only temporary while they are away.

Now, the shelter is putting the actress on its “do-not-adopt” list and will only waive the $5000 fine if Faris can prove she has been actively looking for her dog. While the actress is not saying much about the matter, a rep for her did state, “Anna is thrilled that the dog has been found, and is ensuring all necessary arrangements are made to bring the dog home.”

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