Bachelorette Finale Spoilers 2022: Reality Steve Reveals Who Gabby and Rachel Get Engaged To

Published on August 23, 2022.


The Bachelorette finale is just a few weeks away! Bachelor nation spoiler king Reality Steve has revealed who Gabby and Rachel end up with this season, and whether the two are engaged.

He revealed that after the group’s extensive travels through Europe, they will head to Mexico to film the finale episode.

When it comes to Rachel’s journey, Reality Steve initially revealed that her top pick was between Zach and Tino. He corrected himself and revealed that Zach actually finishes 3rd, Aven finishes 2nd and it is ultimately Tino who receives Rachel’s final rose. Tino and Rachel do end up engaged.

Reality Steve also revealed that Zach has a conversation with Jesse in Mexico and Jesse tells him he needs to tell Rachel the truth after his overnight date. Reality Steve predicted that Zach eliminates himself and tells Rachel he’s not ready. This leaves Aven and Tino as her final two.

As for Gabby, Reality Steve revealed that her final two are Johnny and Erich. There is a rumor that Jason decides to eliminate himself around fantasy suite time, but it has yet to be confirmed. This leaves Johnny and Erich as her final picks, but ultimately Erich receives Gabby’s final rose and the two end up engaged.

What do you think of Gabby and Rachel’s final picks? Tune in to The Bachelorette on Mondays on ABC at 8pm EST to find out more!

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