Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay Says Bryan Abasolo’s Mother Wants Grandchildren Immediately

Published on August 17, 2017.
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It seems that Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are not hesitating when it comes to solidifying their marriage and starting a family!

Lindsay revealed that Abasolo’s mom has already voiced her readiness for grandchildren. “His mom actually is pressuring us for babies,” she told Us Weekly. “She’d be happy if we started a family right away.” The couple have decided however that they’d like to officially tie the knot first and are in the process of making plans for a winter wedding. “I do want to wait until after we get married in winter 2017 or ’18,” Lindsay said regarding their plans for children. “We want three or four [kids]. We’ll see what’s in the cards. It’s a fun thing to plan.”

Although the couple seems to have made big plans quite quickly, Lindsay revealed that they’re genuinely enjoying the simple things like being able to appear in public together after months of secrecy. “We’re so excited about being able to be open, to really just be with each other now,” Lindsay revealed. “It’s so freeing to be able to talk about him without calling him [a fake name like] Jerome, but at the same time reality is setting in and we have to settle on somewhere.”

As for where they plan to settle down? The duo have admitted they’re still stuck between Abasolo’s hometown in Miami, Lindsay’s roots in Dallas or trying somewhere new. “We just want to bring our two lives together, that’s what is really important,” Lindsay told Us Weekly. “We are putting our list of places we want to live together. Right now, L.A. is looking pretty nice, but we’re not sure yet.”

New Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay: 7 Things To Know


New Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay: 7 Things To Know

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