Bill Cosby Makes Sexual Assault Joke At Second Canadian Show

Published on January 9, 2015.
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As more and more women come forward with allegations that famed actor and comedian Bill Cosby drugged, raped or sexually assaulted them, he has continuously denied all claims and has recently continued on with his stand-up performances in Canadian shows.

His first show in Kitchener, Ontario went on without interruption and the crowd even gave Cosby a standing ovation at the end.

While he also received a standing ovation at the end of his second Canadian event at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, he experienced a few interruptions and Cosby even raised some eyebrows himself when he made a joke about the allegations.

According to several reports including tweets from members in the audience when a woman close to the stage got up to get a drink, he paused to ask her what she was doing.

Apparently she stated she was going to the bar and then asked the comedian if he would like one as well and Cosby replied with, “I already have one,” pointing to his water bottle and then stated, “You have to be careful about drinking around me,” alluding to reports that most of the alleged sexual assaults began with him drugging the women through drinks.

His response drew a large gasp from the crowd which quickly turned to cheers.

Like his first performance, there were several protesters stationed outside the venue but there were also hecklers inside the show yelling things like “We don’t love you Bill!” and “You are a rapist”, as a result two men were ejected from Budweiser Gardens for the disturbances while yelling, “You are a rapist. I’m being ejected because you are a rapist!”

After the performance Cosby once again released a statement via his publicist thanking the audience and concluded with “I’m far from finished.”

His last Canadian show will take place on Friday January 9 in Hamilton, Ontario.

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