Blake Shelton And Jimmy Fallon Go On A Hilarious Sushi Date

Published on May 25, 2016.
Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Yesterday’s episode of The Tonight Show couldn’t have been more hilarious because we got to see Blake Shelton be a ‘fish out of water,’ so to speak.

After learning that Blake Shelton has never eaten raw sushi, Jimmy Fallon has the brilliant idea of taking the country music star to a sushi restaurant and capturing it on camera. Fallon and Shelton work their way through several courses that include sashimi and sea urchin. To start, Fallon introduces Shelton to sake (rice wine). When Shelton finishes drinking it down, Fallon asks him what it tasted like. “Easter egg coloring,” Blake replies, and makes Fallon burst out laughing.

The two then move on to the first piece of raw fish. Looking at it skeptically, Shelton tells the host, “This looks like human tongue!” However, he’s a good sport and gives it a try. “The texture is Play-Doh, but I will say this, man to man, I like how that tasted.” Even more funny is watching the two men try to eat the sea urchin, which the waitress describes as “gonads of sea urchin.”

Throughout the meal, Shelton keeps asking the waitress the same question over and over, “Can we get more rice wine?” By the end, you can’t help but wonder if Fallon has had a bit too much!

Oh, and you won’t believe what the final course is! Watch the full video below:

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