Briana DeJesus And Kailyn Lowry Get Into Physical Altercation At Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Published on May 22, 2018.

Source: Instagram

With the eighth season of Teen Mom 2 currently airing, this weekend marked the reunion taping for the stars and their families, but filming was interrupted as a lot of drama broke out including a physical fight between Kailyn Lowry and new Teen Mom 2 cast member Briana DeJesus.

This weekend, Chelsea DeBoer, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer and Briana DeJesus all showed up for filming the reunion while Jenelle Eason opted to skip it, and according to reports Lowry and DeJesus showed up very emotional and ready for a fight.

According to The Ashley, all of the stars were getting set up on stage to talk to Dr. Drew when the fight erupted. “Briana was the last girl called to the stage, and she came out and went right at Kail,” a source told The Ashley. “Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus was on set too and she jumped in and got in Kail’s face. They started swinging at each other and Kail was motioning to Bri to ‘Bring it on!’”

Another source confirmed that no punches were landed but there was hair-pulling and the first sourced added that, “Everyone else that was on stage scattered to get out of the way. Even Dr. Drew ran out of there.”

On Saturday, May 19, Briana talked to The Hollywood Gossip to share her side of the story, explaining, “I got to the studio. I get a text and it’s Kail saying she wants to talk. So Production told me that she wants to squash the beef since we are on the same show. So I said ok. Kail didn’t want our ‘convo’ filmed so Production stood in the hallway.”

She continued: “When Kail walks in she looked like she wanted to fight so I’m like omg here we go. So there’s 3 guards inside with us just in case so Kail starts yelling saying let me just hit her one time. She knew she wouldn’t be able to touch me because all the guards were holding her back, so whatever. That ended and I was like wait til I see you again.”

DeJesus revealed that production asked her if she wanted to tape a segment and after she agreed she went to the stage but, “The only person I saw was Kail sitting down so I just ran up. Guards got to me. I slipped and fell trying to get over the table to get to Kail and then my sister [Brittany DeJesus] got into it.”

“I do know that my sister tried to stop me at first when l ran out on the stage,” she explained. “But then Kail started to talk s–t to Brittany, so Brittany got upset. I don’t want anyone to think we tried to jump her, cause we didn’t.”

Fans of the reality series know that things have been tense between the two stars for quite some time now after Briana began dating Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin which is playing out on the current season.

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