Cake Boss Enters Guilty Plea

Published on December 1, 2014.
By: Rob Kim/Everett Collection

Buddy Valastro who is best known as the “Cake Boss” from the hit TLC show of the same name, made an early trip to court and entered a guilty plea to driving while drunk.

Valastro was arrested in the early morning hours on Thursday November 13 in NYC when his yellow corvette was seen weaving in and out of lanes down 10th Avenue.

After failing several roadside sobriety tests he had to complete when the arresting officers noticed a strong scent of alcohol, he was handcuffed and booked.

Although Valastro was not scheduled to be in court for the offence until February, he explained in a tweet that he went in early because, “I wanted to make this right.”

With the guilty plea he will receive a three month suspension on his license and will have to attend a mandatory drunk driving program along with a fine of $300.

Even though the alcohol was apparently enough for cops to smell it after pulling him over, Valastro stated to the judge that he only had one drink but also stated he will never do it again and, “if you have even one drink you shouldn’t drive.”

It was the first offence for the “Cake Boss” who is known as a loving father and husband and great business owner, rising to stardom with his family’s business, Carlo’s Bakery.

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TLC’s Cake Boss: 8 Behind The Scenes Secrets


TLC’s Cake Boss: 8 Behind The Scenes Secrets

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