Chris Hemsworth And His Brothers Charmed SNL

Published on March 9, 2015.

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Did you know Chris has not one, not two… but “three” brothers?

Chris is the middle child of the Hemsworth clan, and yes, it is true if you missed it: all three of the Hemsworth brothers were on Saturday Night Live during the actor’s monologue this weekend as he took his turn hosting the iconic show. Oldest brother Luke, who fewer know, but who is also an actor, and younger brother Liam were all in the mix.

Then, there was brother number four: Callum. AKA Kenan Thompson in a blonde wig. It was exactly what the monologue needed as Chris is a charmer, but not necessarily as skilled off-the-cuff as say… his Avengers co-star, Robert Downey Jr.

Still, getting the brothers involved in the monologue (no doubt, they wouldn’t have missed Chris host SNL for anything) was a stellar call by the writers, the cast and Lorne Michaels.

Like other Avengers co-stars before him–namely, Jeremy Renner–Chris and the SNL crew did have to pump out the obligatory parody of the Marvel franchise. Probably because the sketch is the one the cast is most looking forward to, because they’re able to play with the superhero of a film franchise for a few short minutes.

Worth mentioning: after the SNL anniversary specials, there seems to be more creativity flowing through the sketch writing–the really odd stuff they used to do back in the day. Chris Hemsworth as the member of a starship fleet where his commander is a chicken and also his girlfriend…? If you missed it, you need check it out.

Watch Chris’s Monologue Below!

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