Christina Aguilera’s Amazing Britney Spears Impression

Published on February 24, 2015.
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Pop star Christina Aguilera is ready to get back to work after welcoming her daughter Summer Rain and on top of returning as a coach on season 8 of The Voice, she is making her interview rounds. What better place to stop by than The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?

The star appeared on the show on Monday February 23 and naturally showed off her vocal chops but, of course, on Fallon’s show a fun game had to be incorporated and the two played a few rounds of “Musical Impressions.”

The 34-year old ended up drawing the name of none other than fellow pop diva Britney Spears who has a long history with Aguilera after the pair began their competition for stardom as Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club.

Going into the early 2000’s both blonde songstresses were vying for pop music domination so needless to say Aguilera is pretty familiar with Spears music stylings, but her impression was downright uncanny. She ended up doing an incredible impersonation of Spears by singing “This Little Piggy” to the tune of Spears’ debut single “… Baby One More Time.”

Fallon himself was so excited by Aguilera’s impression that he gave her a standing ovation saying, “Oh, my God! That is something I’ve always wanted! That is amazing. I loved that so much!”

Although both took turns taking on some famous singers, there was no beating Aguilera’s amazing rendition even when she went on to sing the Golden Girls theme song as sung by Shakira.

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Check out Aguilera’s impression below!

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