Chuck Lorre Explains Charlie Sheen’s Finale Absence

Published on February 20, 2015.
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After 12 seasons, television said goodbye to the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men on Thursday February 19 with a one hour series finale that saw the return of “the half man” himself Angus T. Jones who is indeed now a full grown adult.

The finale also featured some impressive major Hollywood appearances with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Stamos and Christian Slater but of course the one big name everyone was expecting but didn’t see was the show’s original star Charlie Sheen.

Sheen of course had a dramatic exit from the show after sounding off on producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre during his now infamous rant filled days.

Although it was rumored he would make an appearance after everyone discovered his character, Charlie Harper, hadn’t really been dead this whole time, Lorre explained that they wanted Sheen on but couldn’t come to an agreement. In the show’s last ever vanity card at the end of the episode Lorre wrote, “I know a lot of you might be disappointed that you didn’t get to see Charlie Sheen in tonight’s finale. For the record, he was offered, a role.”

“Our idea was to have him walk up to the front door in the last scene, ring the doorbell, then turn, look directly at the camera and go off on a maniacal rant about the dangers of drug abuse. He would then explain that these dangers only applied to average people. That he was far from average. He was a ninja warrior from Mars. He was invincible.”

Lorre explained they then wanted to drop a piano on him, however Sheen didn’t think this was funny and offered up his own ending. “Instead, he wanted us to write a heart-warming scene that would set up his return to primetime TV in a new sitcom called The Harpers starring him and Jon Cryer. We thought that was funny too,” he concluded.

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To see how Lorre chose to end the show check out the clip below!

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