Colton Underwood Defends Bachelorette Hannah’s Choice To Keep Jed Wyatt

Published on July 25, 2019.


Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette definitely has not come with any shortage of drama!

Fans were shocked to learn that frontrunner Jed Wyatt was not on Hannah’s season for the right reasons. He even admitted to Hannah on the show that he initially came on the show to further his country music career. While she appreciated his honesty at that time, the red flags didn’t stop there. It was also revealed that Jed had a girlfriend at home just before going on the show, which was confirmed when Hailey Stevens claimed in multiple interviews that she was still dating him when he went on the show.

Previous Bachelor star Colton Underwood has spoken up and has defended Hannah for keeping Jed around on the show despite the red flags. “It’s hard. When you’re in the moment and you’re in the position like Hannah and I were as the leads, you almost have blinders on to any external distractions in that relationship, because you just, you don’t really think about it,” he told Us Weekly. “You don’t think, ‘Oh, maybe Jed has a girlfriend back at home.’”

He continued: “They got to that point in the show, so you assume, the vetting and everything, they’re an eligible, single person, so that doesn’t even really resonate.”

“You don’t see red flags when you’re dating 30 people. You’re focused on a lot of other things and you’re producing a show. You’re putting a show on. You already have enough things to worry about that that shouldn’t even be a thought in the back of your mind,” Underwood continued. “But if it is the case, I have the confidence that Hannah is a strong enough person to know what’s best for her. I mean, she’s a grown woman. She’s proven that time and time again on the show, and I have all the faith in her for doing what she needs to do to make herself happy.”

The Bachelorette finale airs on Monday, July 29, and Tuesday, July 30, at 8 p.m. ET.

The Bachelorette 2019, Hannah Brown: Everything You Need To Know


The Bachelorette 2019, Hannah Brown: Everything You Need To Know

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