Dakota Johnson Made David Letterman Blush

Published on February 19, 2015.

Photo By: Linda Wheeler/Everett Collection

Everyone loves Dakota Johnson. Especially the execs at Focus Features. Mercy. Creeping toward that 9-figure mark within a week. Still, others really appreciated Dakota’s mom during her own heyday. We’re talking none other than Working Girl, Melanie Griffith.

David Letterman was one fitting into the category of a Melanie Griffith lover, and Dakota wasn’t shy about offering a light rib to Dave when he suggested he loved Melanie’s visits to his show. Dakota mentioned something about handcuffs, and then jabbed Dave with an “Are you my dad?”

There’s no denying Dakota’s charm–she inherited bits from both her parents, as well as mom’s long-time partner, Antonio Banderas. Dave Letterman is not Dakota’s father, obviously. Her daddy is none other than the man who completely shaped the 1980s: Don Johnson. For those who didn’t know, or had forgotten, Don and Melanie were married… twice! Once in the 1970s for like, a split second, then again from 1989-1996, during which Dakota came into the world.

All jokes aside, Dave did no fathering in this scenario. Other scenarios…? Possibly. And Dave and Melanie…? Sure, something might have gone down between consenting adults, and that pair of handcuffs. We’ll leave it at that.

What happens next for Dakota will be a string of very large motion pictures with impressive paydays. She’s fortunate Americans are so hard-up for subject matter that seems exciting.

If you missed the Late Show, check out the video below and watch Dakota lay it on thick, stopping Dave dead in his tracks.

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Things You Might Not Know About Dakota Johnson

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