Dwayne Johnson Gets Back At Jimmy Fallon

Published on December 12, 2014.
Photo by Willi Schneider/REX

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 42, appeared on the Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday December 11 to promote his upcoming film Furious 7.

As always on Fallon’s show though, it is never just business and with Christmas right around the corner, The Rock came bearing gifts for the late night host.

The actor was proud to reveal to Fallon his “very own exhausted dad Jimmy Fallon action figure,” in honor of course of Fallon’s newest daughter, Frances, who was just born on December 3 and the action figure comes complete with a a baby, a dirty diaper and a baby bottle.

Fallon of course was excited, “This is amazing! I love this so much,” he told Johnson.

While it was a hilarious gesture, it was also Johnson’s opportunity to get back at Fallon after the host presented him with an action figure back in July that replicated a hilarious 1996 photo of The Rock that dominated the internet at the time showing the muscle-bound star rocking a turtleneck, a neck chain, hightops and of course a fanny-pack.

While on the show the pair also did a segment of Fallon’s “Intense Staredown” where the duo¬†donned wigs and robes to share words of wisdom which included a profound line from the actor stating, “I am the pebble, I am the stone, I am the boulder, I am The Rock!”

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Watch Fallon get his gift below!

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