DWTS’ Carrie Ann Inaba Admits She ‘Cried’ And Was Heartbroken Over Tom Bergeron And Erin Andrews’ Exit

Published on July 17, 2020.

Photo by: Jared Milgrim/Everett Collection

Carrie Ann Inaba is heartbroken over the exit of Dancing With The Stars‘ hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews!

Inaba opened up on an episode preview of The Talk following ABC’s announcement that Bergeron and Andrews would not be returning as hosts. “I feel like it was just such sudden news,” Inaba said in a preview of the upcoming episode, which will air on Tuesday, July 21. “My heart breaks for Tom and Erin.”

Inaba also revealed she “cried when [she] heard the news, as well as, I think a lot of our fans did.”

Inaba also addressed Banks’ addition while chatting on The Talk. “People have been saying that Tyra is the first black host of Dancing with the Stars, and I just want to clarify, because season one we had Lisa Canning,” the TV judge explained. “Also, I don’t think that’s how we should be labeling her. She’s our new host. Period. It has nothing to do with the color of her skin.”

She added: “I think it has to do with all that Tyra Banks is. All the energy she has. She’s like a visionary, she’s a strong, powerful woman … I think we’re in good hands. It’s different, the fans are going to have to get used to it, I understand that, but I think we should welcome her.”

Dancing With the Stars is set to return to ABC in the fall.

Things You Might Not Know About Dancing With the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba

Dancing With the Stars

Things You Might Not Know About Dancing With the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba

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