DWTS Pro Cheryl Burke Apologizes To Former Partner Ian Ziering For ‘Nasty’ Comments

Published on April 21, 2021.

Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke has issued a formal apology to her former partner Ian Ziering.

Burke made several negative comments about Ziering back in 2016 calling him her “least favorite” partner and that working with him in 2007 was a poor experience. After the comments, she did issue an apology, but didn’t say them directly to Ziering.

On this week’s episode of Burke’s Pretty Messed Up podcast, the dancer admitted that she has regrets about the comments even now and said another apology to Ziering in hopes of making amends. “The one thing I truly regret and want to make amends with is Ian Ziering,” she shared with her podcast co-host AJ McLean.

“I was completely out of line a few years ago, and I did a podcast where they were asking me who my favorite partner was and who did I hate the most. And I answered Ian Ziering, and I said something along the lines of ‘I’d rather slit my wrists than dance with Ian Ziering again.’ ”

Burke continued, “I truly am so sorry for being so inconsiderate and just talking trying to get a reaction and putting him as my punching bag really. I took it to that next level of nastiness. I was so nasty. And I’m here to publicly apologize to Ian and his family.”

The DWTS pro added, “I lost a lot of respect for myself. It haunts me till this day.”

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