Fifty Shades Of Grey Reviews: “Boring” And A “Major Disappointment”

Published on February 11, 2015.
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It seems as if Fifty Shades of Grey has been talked about way more than several other films prior to their release as the headlines started all the way back in the fall when Sons of Anarchy hunk Charlie Hunnam was signed on to play Christian Grey.

From there, anticipation for the film has slowly been building as trailers are released and information is given on just how much sex audiences should expect to see in the extremely erotic novels brought to the big screen.

Now, finally only a few days away from the film’s February 13 release, just in time for Valentine’s Day, initial reviews are coming out and most are not speaking too highly of the film starring Jamie Dornan (Charlie Hunnam ended up dropping out) and Dakota Johnson.

Rafer Guzman from Newsday was less than impressed with the film calling it boring and giving it only half a star out of four. “You might be equally agog at how an R-rated film full of kinky sex and dirty talk could be so painfully dull,” he wrote. “The actors are attractive, and we see just about every naked inch of them. Despite all the waist-down action, the movie has no pulse. What’s more, it’s dead from the neck up.”

That review is somewhat nice compared to what FoxNews’ Justin Craig had to say about it. “The mediocre plot, bland characters and tepid tone don’t do any favors. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson treats the movie as serious as a cadaver, which is truly a major disappointment. The screenplay by Kelly Marcel, based on E.L. James’ novel, is empty of message or meaning. Those faults alone make Fifty Shades a boring, pointless film.”

Before things look utterly hopeless for the film, not all felt the way the previous critics did as Forbes‘ Scott Mendelson says, “Fifty Shades of Grey is exactly what it promises and a little more. Johnson is pretty terrific while Dornan does what he can with the material he is given, and they do make a somewhat entertaining couple. The film is an explicit and unapologetic female escapist fantasy in a time when such things are few-and-far between in Hollywood.”

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Things You Might Not Know About Dakota Johnson

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