Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Opens Up About Upcoming Wedding

Published on January 31, 2019.

Source: Reality TV World

After they found love on season 13 of The Bachelorette, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her winner Bryan Abasolo have faded away from the spotlight, and two years later they are finally ready for their wedding.

Lindsay opened up to PEOPLE about their upcoming nuptials which are planned for this summer, saying, “We have a date, we just haven’t officially released it. It will be a destination wedding and it will be toward the end of the summer, that’s the biggest hint I can give.”

“We’re excited, and now I have to hurry up because it’s just six months away,” she continued. “I have to start picking out a dress. I won’t have bridesmaids, but now we’re getting the list. I wanted 50 people, and it’s already at 150, so it’s bigger than I would like for it to be, but that’s okay.”

Lindsay has previously opened up about her apprehension over planning a wedding so she hired wedding planner Micharl Ruoss and said she is “letting him take the reigns.”

“I’m just putting a list together, a little detail, and letting him take control of it,” she said. “I’m not a bridezilla. I don’t have colors, I don’t have flowers, I’m just like, ‘Let’s get it done!'” She also revealed that her casual attitude is because all she wanted was a courthouse wedding, but is happy that the pair will get to celebrate their cultures with a bigger wedding.

“Bryan is Colombian, I’m black, and it is very important that the wedding reflects both of that, even into the reception,” she said. “I want to bring some Colombian traditions. A lot of his family from Colombia will be there, because the wedding will be at a location much closer to Colombia.”

“My vision is to bring two cultures together,” she said. “This is two families coming together, and that is the one thing that I am a stickler to: I want that music to be represented, I want those traditions, and whatever else his mother-in-law tells me is part of the tradition that is part of the culture to be there.”

“I have found love in a very untraditional way and we want to share our journey with people,” she added. “And so that’s why it has become bigger than I would like, but it is a beautiful thing.”

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