Frances Bean Cobain Opens Up About Dad Kurt Cobain

Published on April 9, 2015.
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Twenty-one years after his death, former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain still remains an icon for an entire generation of music fans, and for the first time, Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain opened up about her father, her relationship with her mother and the new documentary about her dad, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.

Now, at 22-years old, Frances spoke to Rolling Stone magazine where she revealed she was only one when her father committed suicide on April 5, 1994 but has come to know him as well as she can through everyone else’s deep interest in her rockstar father.

“Kurt got to the point where he eventually had to sacrifice every bit of who he was to his art, because the world demanded it of him. I think that was one of the main triggers as to why he felt he didn’t want to be here and everyone would be happier without him. In reality, if he had lived, I would have had a dad. And that would have been an incredible experience.”

Frances also shocked many when she admitted that she isn’t really a fan of her father’s legendary band Nirvana, but still appreciates the work. “I don’t really like Nirvana that much […] The grunge scene is not what I’m interested in. But “Territorial Pissings” is a f–king great song. And “Dumb”- I cry every time I hear that song. It’s a stripped-down version of Kurt’s perception of himself – of himself on drugs, off drugs, feeling inadequate to be titled the voice of a generation.”

The highly praised documentary, Montage of Heck is the first fully authorized documentary about Kurt’s life, with Frances acting as an executive producer for it, saying, “It’s the closest thing to having Kurt tell his own story in his own words – by his own aesthetic, his own perception of the world. It paints a portrait of a man attempting to cope with being a human. When Brett and I first met, I was very specific about what I wanted to see, how I wanted Kurt represented.”

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck premieres May 4 on HBO.

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