George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Include Panic Room In Home Renos

Published on February 19, 2015.

Photo by David Fisher/REX (4366459bs)

Being a world famous celebrity has been known to include a lot of perks including tons of supportive fans, lots of money and nice homes but unfortunately that also attracts the attention of unstable fans who try to inflict harm.

As one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood right now, George Clooney, 53, and his new wife Amal Clooney (Alamuddin), 37, are not taking any chances when it comes to personal safety and are adding high-security features to their Berkshire, England mansion home.

The couple are doing renovations to the massive house and a source revealed to Us Weekly magazine, “They are having a panic room installed.” “It’ll be fireproof, bombproof, and attack-resistant,” the source continued.

While George is a big enough celebrity for the precautions to be necessary for his own safety, the security measures are actually more due to Amal’s job as a famous human-rights lawyer, and her threats are probably more severe than one of her husband’s “crazy” fans.

“Amal has high-profile clients in controversial cases. She needs to be secure.”

George and Amal were married on September 27, 2014 in a very public and star-studded affair but with both having such demanding schedules, the two chose to spend their honeymoon in their 17th-century manor before returning to work.

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Things You Might Not Know About George And Amal Clooney’s Relationship

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Things You Might Not Know About George And Amal Clooney’s Relationship

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