Gwen Stefani To Win Fashion Icon Award At 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Published on October 10, 2019.

Photo by David Niviere/ABACAPRESS.COM

Gwen Stefani is being honored at this year’s People’s Choice Fashion Awards with the Fashion Icon Award!

The 50-year old singer spoke to the E! Network about the honor and reminisced about her childhood. “Honestly it’s bizarre, it’s crazy,” Stefani told E!. “It makes me think back to Anaheim, just looking through Vogue magazine and thinking, ‘…I’ll never get my hands on those clothes, I’m just gonna go to the thrift store and make my own clothes.’”

“So to get to this point where I’m getting an award for fashion is kind of surreal,” she further explained. “And it just proves that if you are just true to who you are and just follow your own passion, that weird things can happen.”

Stefani has a reputation in the Hollywood world for being a trendsetter and a leader in fashion. She isn’t afraid to experiment with her clothing and her hair, which is ultimately what has led to her becoming such a respected style icon. Stefani is the second person to receive the award after Victoria Beckham in 2018.

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