Harrison Ford To Make Blade Runner Sequel

Published on February 27, 2015.
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Fans of 80’s action films have never been more excited as reboot after reboot is making its way to the big screen, except this time the special effects are putting already good films on a whole other level.

While it is widely known that actor Harrison Ford, 74, is reprising his iconic role of Hans Solo in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, fans of the Hollywood legend will be thrilled he’s  returning to one of his best roles.

Yes, rumors are swirling about another Indiana Jones but what we are sure about is a sequel to the cult classic Ridley Scott directed film Blade Runner with Ford officially signing on to once again portray agent Rick Deckard, multiple sources have confirmed.

The film, which is scheduled to come out in 2017, will be more than thirty years out from the 1982 original and will interestingly be released only two year prior to the original film’s dystopian, extremely futuristic set in 2019 Los Angeles.

Director Ridley Scott is also on board as a producer but will not be behind the camera with talks indicating director Denis Villenueve is in line to be behind the camera for the film.

“We are honored that Harrison is joining us on this journey with Denis Villeneuve, who is a singular talent, as we experienced personally on Prisoners,” producers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson said in a statement. “Hampton and Michael (Green), with Ridley Scott, have crafted a uniquely potent and faithful sequel to one of the most universally celebrated films of all time, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this amazing, creative team.”

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