Hilary Duff Reveals Details About Tinder Date

Published on May 1, 2015.
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Let’s call him Tinder Tom. Seriously. We’ll forever know him as Tinder Tom.

Hilary Duff went bowling with Tinder Tom, and a few other friends after she met the “cool” guy via Tinder. As revealed earlier in the week, Hilary was chatting it up with Ryan Seacrest, and admitted to being on Tinder. She went on to suggest she’s meeting some very nice, normal guys via the social networking app that is geared toward dating.

Hilary is all about Tinder, even though some of her friends thought the idea of her being in the Tinder mix was silly. Well, she had already done it for herself, and had enjoyed some swiping. Admittedly, I know what Tinder is, and I’ve seen it work, but have never used it so some of the swiping-reference jokes fall hard on my misunderstanding ears. Even if I were a single dude in 2015, I’d still go with the old-fashioned walk up to someone and talk to them meet and greet, but for people like Hilary, that’s not an option.

For the guys she’s meeting…? She thinks many of them are under the impression they’re being noodled/catfish’d. Nope.

Fellas, if you’re on Tinder and you connect to Hilary Duff, there’s a good chance it’s her. Well, if you’re in Los Angeles. If you’re in someplace, say, Topeka, Kansas, you’ve likely found an impostor.

So, what’s next for Hilary? Probably not another marriage anytime soon. She’s not sure she’s ready to even think about that, only two years separate from her first husband. Being a mom, she has her target priorities set on caring for a child. Even so, that doesn’t mean she isn’t looking for love. In fact, she is. She said she definitely wants to fall in love again.

The biggest winner in all of this? Tinder. Gotta love that free advertising.

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