Is Katy Perry Really Dating Riff Raff?

Published on March 29, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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What in heaven or hell is going on with celebrity relationships these days? Is Katy Perry really dating Riff Raff? According to the rapper boasting style over substance, the two are kind of dating. His photographic toss to social media would suggest that they have “kicked it,” if nothing else.

The skinny: Katy Perry and Riff Raff went out, had some sushi, talked, went bowling… Yes, that sounds like a date. According to Riff Raff, it was an “average date.” There has been no confirmation from Team Katy, but Riff Raff offered a follow up to TMZ, while wrapped in the arms of a south Florida honey. He spelled it out in Riff Raff terms, and said that when Katy returns from Belgium, perhaps they’ll hammer Round Two.

So, what do we make of this? Completely absurd? Maybe Katy is hoping to collaborate on some  music? Or maybe Katy has more of a hero complex than she realizes? Always trying to heal the broken dudes? Maybe in her sprint from moms and pops, she’s actually going to realize that she’s more like them than she initially thought? Whatever the case, this is one of two things–sad or hilarious. There may be a bit of both in the mix.

It’s going to be interesting to see if this story grows some wings. It’s also going to be interesting to see if Riff Raff is actually an Andy Kaufmanesque type performer who is going to get the last laugh 50 years from now. In the meantime, let’s buckle in and see what happens.


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