Is Rob Kardashian Suing His Family For $50 Million?

Published on April 17, 2015.
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This is news. Seriously. There’s a white sheep in the Kardashian klan, and it’s baby brother Rob. Would Rob Kardashian really sue his family? Could Rob win a lawsuit against his family, and change the face of reality TV forever? It would only be appropriate.

Named for his late father, Rob Kardashian, youngest brother of the genuine Kardashians has had a rough go ’round. His parents divorced when he was a little guy, then his father died while he was a teenager, with Rob spending the rest of his development years with mom, Kris Kardashian Jenner, and her husband, Bruce Jenner.

With the rise of the Kardashian socialite fame, thanks to Kris’s years and years of schmoozing and Kim’s sex tape, Rob was wrangled into the mix for a little diversity among the female empire. Surely, a TV show would be alluring to anyone young, especially a guy stoked about making some money that could be genuinely called his own, and the celebrity aspect would serve as a calling card to any adoring ladies.

As Rob soon found out, he was buying into the caca de toro that came with the world of reality TV, and the faux nature of doing business with his mother. For starters, he became the target of ire when he revealed his weight struggles, then he seemed easily cast off when it came to other family dealings.

It was obvious he had some strong issues with his family when he refused to attend Kim’s marriage to Kanye West. Maybe he was tired of attending weddings for Kim. This was her third, after all. And it can be tough for siblings when they see one of their favorites becoming like one of their least favorites. Yes, that is a suggestion that Rob doesn’t really care for his mother all that much.

Now, a report has surfaced that Rob is planning to sue the rest of the family for stake in the TV extension they all signed that he’s not part of. Why? Because he’s still very much a part of the revolving story line. They use his personal battles as story lines, and Rob hasn’t agreed to any of it.

What’s important about this potential lawsuit–if it does actually hold some potential–it could be precedent setting. If Rob could win a suit based on an invasion of his privacy without his consent, he could change the entire landscape of what reality TV shows can and can’t do. In real reality, it’ll likely be tossed out like you or I trying to get into one of Kim and Kanye’s parties. Still, let’s see if anything plays out.

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