Jay Z Defends His Tidal App After Major Disappointment

Published on April 27, 2015.
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As the king of the music world, Jay Z has extended his talents and business smarts to several other areas both inside and out of the industry, his latest however has not made the impact it was supposed to, leaving Jay Z to defend his new music app.

The music streaming app called Tidal has not done nearly as well as it was expected to especially after it fell drastically on the United States iPhone download chart, leaving it out of the Top 700, but that doesn’t mean it has failed according to Jay Z.

“Tidal is doing just fine. We have over 770,000 subs. We have been in business less than one month. #TidalFacts,” he began a series of Tweets on April 26. “The iTunes Store wasn’t built in a day. It took Spotify 9 years to be successful… We are here for the long haul. Please give us a chance to grow & get better. #TidalFacts.”

Being Jay Z, the music mogul has a lot of big names on his side supporting and bringing their new music to the app including, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyonce, but that hasn’t been enough to persuade users.

He also went on to tweet that he thinks major companies are slamming the app which is holding it back, “There are many big companies that are spending millions on a smear campaign. We are not anti-anyone, we are pro-artist & fan. #TidalFacts.”

Although Jay Z has some huge supporters, other artists have already criticized the app including Mumford & Sons, Lily Allen, and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard who stated, “I think they totally blew it by bringing out a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and propping them up onstage and then having them all complain about not being paid.”

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Things You Might Not Know About Jay Z


Things You Might Not Know About Jay Z

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