Jennifer Aniston Talks Being 40, Tabloid Rumors

Published on November 11, 2014.
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At 45 years old, actress Jennifer Aniston seems ageless, as she is always stunning, sexy and beautiful. The best part of all: she stays true to herself.

Having spent so long in the Hollywood spotlight, being married to one of the King’s of Hollywood and having her divorce publicized did not stop Jennifer Aniston from carrying on and carving out a name for herself, with or without Brad Pitt.

While she has never been able to escape the tabloid rumors, Aniston recently opened up about it all as Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s December issue cover girl.

“I don’t give a s–t. How many times can I be out there in the world, enjoying my life and yet the narrative is ‘Poor, Sorry, Sad in Love Jen’…whatever the stupid headline is. There was a part of me that used to get very upset. Now I’d rather just focus on people and things that are here, happening and what’s yet to come.”

As for how life has changed since entering her forties? Jen couldn’t be happier, “I”ve had more fun post- 40 than I can remember. From a work point of view, a physical point of view, a psychotherapeutic point of view,” she stated.

While she didn’t discuss her split from Brad, she did say she is not one to hold grudges and believes it is important to forgive anyone who has wronged her.

‘”[I’m] a forgiving person. I absolutely am, I think it’s extremely important to forgive. Otherwise it just builds up like toxic waste.”

Besides, Aniston is much more focused on the present and her future with fiancé Justin Theroux, who she couldn’t stop from gushing about.

“I just think it’s so attractive to be that good at so many things and to have no ego. He’s one of the most humble, decent human beings. He’s not an ass.”

While the couple has now been engaged for two years, there is still no word on a wedding but Aniston seems perfectly happy with her life and man just the way it is.

As well as a great personal life, her career is still red-hot as she takes on a very different role as a drug-addicted woman in Cake and is currently promoting the much-anticipated comedy Horrible Bosses 2. 

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