Jennifer Aniston Would Like Gisele’s Body For 24 Hours!

Published on March 10, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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That headline immediately begs the question: What exactly does she want to do with Gisele’s body for 24 hours? OK, OK, we know what she means, but why? We’ve all seen Jennifer Aniston’s body, and it doesn’t seem like it’s lacking enjoyability… so… what triggered her to suggest Gisele?

In truth, the question that triggered Jennifer’s response offered enough provoked thought that Jennifer weighed a few options in considering a body trade. Her first response was actually alpine champion, Lindsey Vonn. Jennifer said she would definitely trade bodies for 24 hours with Lindsey, so she could ski like that for just a day. And… well… let’s be honest… Tiger Woods would probably love for Lindsey to have Jennifer’s body for a day, just to offer a little variety to their relationship.

Yes. Lindsey Vonn would be an enjoyable switch for Jennifer, but when boils down to the pure sugar, Jennifer would love to add a few inches of height, and strut with the body of Brazilian supermodel, Gisele. The 5’5″ Jennifer would add a cool six inches to her frame if she were to trade bodies with Gisele for a day. We’ll have to suppose that Jennifer would want to keep her own face when they make the body trade, but that may be presumptuous. Let’s address what we really wanna know: what do you suppose Jennifer would do with her 24 hours of Gisele’s body?

Probably hit the beach? Maybe do some walking with a more efficient stride? The possibilities are pretty limitless. Maybe there would be some Tom Brady in the mix? Hmm. Check out the video below, and hear Jennifer explain why she’d be happy to borrow Gisele’s body for a day.

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