Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek In Recovery From Surgery To Remove Blood Clots On Brain

Published on January 5, 2018.
Roth Stock/Everett Collection

Beloved Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has provided an update on his health, saying his “prognosis is excellent” as he recovers from serious surgery.

In a video that was shared on the Jeopardy YouTube page, Trebek shared with fans that he had undergone surgery over the Christmas holidays to remove blood clots from his brain that were caused after he suffered a fall back in October.

Wearing a Jeopardy hat, the 77-year-old explained, “Some of you may have heard by now that over the holiday break I had a slight medical problem.” He continued, “Subdural hematoma, blood clots on the brain caused by a fall I endured about two months ago. Surgery was performed and after two days in the hospital I came home to start recovery, the prognosis is excellent and I expect to be back in the studio taping more Jeopardy programs very, very soon and I want to thank all of you for your concern.”

Although Trebek hopes to be back soon, taping of new episodes will go on hiatus for a short while and in the meantime new episodes that were taped in advance will air. Sony Pictures also confirmed that the annual Jeopardy college tournament will be delayed until April.

The popular host has had other health setbacks over his 33 years of hosting Jeopardy including tearing his Achilles tendon back in 2011 after he chased a burglar from his hotel room, and in 2012 he suffered a mild heart attack. Most recently, in 2015, he hosted while seated for awhile after undergoing a full knee replacement.

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