Josh Duhamel Shares Adorable Video Teaching Son Axl To Count

Published on May 1, 2015.

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When it comes to celebrity power couples actor Josh Duhamel, 42, and wife Fergie, 42, keep a relatively low profile in their relationship and their family life with son Axl.

Luckily, they have no problem sharing sweet stories during interviews and even posting pictures of their adorable son on Instagram but nothing beats a video that the doting dad recently posted to Facebook.

In the video Duhamel and 20-month old Axl are lounging in bed and Duhamel took the opportunity to go over numbers with Axl who for the most part as numbers one to ten down with a little help from his dad.

Duhamel captioned the video “Counting with Dad” and the two go back and forth saying the numbers until Axl skips from 7 to 9 so Duhamel fills in the 8 but things get tricky one ten rolls around, so Axl just settles for saying “Kung.”

The proud dad then hilariously but very sweetly bursts into a rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle little star.”

As well as showing off his intelligence, Axl is turning out to be one stylish kid as well with mom Fergie sharing an Easter picture recently on Instagram of her little boy decked out in Armani. “i picked out this @armani suit for axl in milan while axl was still in my belly. It was so special to see him wear it on easter. #tbt,” she captioned the adorable picture.

Check out the video on Josh Duhamel’s Facebook Page.

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