Justin Bieber Apologizes For His Racist Joke

Published on June 2, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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Is there any fruit hanging lower than Justin Bieber at present? Probably not. This guy is wearing a social target the size of his native Canada, and it seems his target trumps all known understanding of space and time. He’s now apologizing for derogatory, racist jokes and comments when he was 15.

To suggest it: Maybe we’re trying too hard to throw this dude under the bus. It’s understood that footage of the Biebs at 15 telling racist jokes is mildly amusing, and fuel for rolling eyes, but really… who’s surprised? Isn’t the age of 15 when most people tell jokes that begin with, “So, a black guy, white guy and Chinese guy walk into a bar…”

And to state it: such jokes are often derogatory and racist in nature. Are they offensive? Well, everything is offensive these days, so of course they’re offensive. Obvi.

So long as we’re not offended by Bieber’s current philandering nature, we can continue to focus on the dumb things he says and which drugs he’s consuming on a regular basis.

Justin has offered an eloquent apology, presumably written by a PR point-person who asked Justin “What do you want to say?” It was pushed across social media, and all those who hate Justin still hate him. All those who love him… they still love him. It would seem that Justin doesn’t really have the power to change the status quo.

But hey, how about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? Can the same people who dug up this footage of Justin Bieber find that Boeing 777?

To see some highlights of Justin’s apology, as well as some stellar footage of the Biebs on a skateboard in Central Park, check out the video below!

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