Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI!

Published on January 23, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach for Driving Under the Influence. Yep. We like to call those infractions DUI. And an incident like this…? It was just a matter of time. Anyone who has lived long enough is in the know: Life will humble you at some point–it’s just… a matter of time.

Justin Bieber was too arrogant to watch the red flags waving in his own life–he couldn’t rein himself in. So, his first legitimate dose of humility is coming from Florida’s representation of Johnny Law. One might think that the Biebs first dose of humility should have come from that Jesus guy he’s always pointing to and talking about, but give a guy some smoke, some drink and a really fast car, and it’s apparently “Jesus who?”

Not to call the guy’s faith into question–that’s not why this is being written. This is being written to let all the Beliebers know that it’s time to stage an intervention. And you intervene by turning your back on such douche-baggery. It’s really sad to say, “He had it comin’.” It’s really sad to see all of the people who continue to coddle and enable a 19 year old, young man. Celebrity friends, A&R, PR, talk show hosts… His momma talks about praying for Justin everyday. Well, mom, it might be time to follow Justin around everywhere he goes, and see if that has an immediate effect–and lasting effect–in the choices he’s making.

Sure, Justin is 19, and 19 year old individuals are going to make some boneheaded mistakes. But this guy… he’s a worst case scenario waiting to happen. He doesn’t seem intelligent enough to understand that regardless of his spotlight, there are almost seven billion of the rest of us just trying to get on about our days and lives. And this guy is gonna kill one of us by being a douche.

Note to Florida judge in Miami: To the fullest extent of the law. Por favor.

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