Justin Bieber Could Be Extradited To Argentina For Assault

Published on April 13, 2015.
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It’s true. There is a warrant for the arrest of Justin Bieber in Argentina.

What happened, you ask? There’s an alleged video of Justin Bieber telling one of his security personnel to give an Argentinian paparazzo the “what’s for,” and for that, Justin could be in serious trouble. Yes, this makes it seem more like the issuing judge wants some attention, but we’ll play fair at this point.

What does this warrant include? Well, if Justin sets foot in Argentina, he’ll be arrested, because he is wanted for questioning.

Repeat: questioning.

As in, “Did you have anything to do with this?” At this point, he wasn’t even involved in criminal activity, it’s just a possibility the he was involved in criminal activity, telling someone to razz the paparazzi. Basically, if Justin stays out of Argentina–which his PR peeps have stated Argentina will be off the tour next year–he should be just fine.

Still, this judge has petitioned INTERPOL, in an effort to have Justin Bieber arrested in any country, and extradited to Argentina. For… questioning… Anyone else starting to think that this judge has a daughter with an enormous crush on The Biebs, and he’s just trying to get Justin into a meet-and-greet scenario?

Enough’s enough. All parties involved. Seriously. Move about your business. People being “assaulted” by celebrities, stop antagonizing celebrities, and celebrities being antagonized…? What’d you think would happen in the 21st century when everyone has an outlet to express their opinion, and people validate those opinions via social media?

To see more on this stupidity, check out the video below.

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