Justin Bieber Denies Men’s Health Cover Is Photoshopped

Published on March 5, 2015.
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While being one of the biggest and richest celebrities on the planet by the age of 21 is clearly an amazing achievement, as pop star Justin Bieber gets older the fact he went from boy-to-man in the spotlight is starting to become a detriment to him. Try as he might to show he is growing up, learning, and changing, many cannot get the image of the annoying, bratty and scrawny teenage Justin out of their heads.

On the cover of Men’s Health magazine for their April 2015 issue, Bieber is anything but scrawny and is happy to show off his hard work, “Being on the cover of Men’s Health is really really cool. I love the fact that I got in shape the past two years, and I’m finally getting recognition for it,” said in the behind-the-scenes video.

Of course it is not all recognition as many once again took up the call of “photoshop” similar to the skepticism that his Calvin Klein ads were really his unaltered body, but once again Bieber defended himself. “It’s not photoshopped for all you fools out there saying it’s photoshopped,” he declared of his impressive cover.

Inside the magazine, Bieber’s story is much the same, telling how as well as changing physically he is also ready to change personally after far too many bad boy antics making headlines. “It’s time for me to grow up. This has really been a big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out. This almost like a full 180 from how I was. Yesterday –  a year from yesterday – I was in jail,” he told the magazine.

Bieber has become much more accountable for his previous behavior recently but does say a lot of it has to do with growing up in the spotlight.

“I had to grow up so quick. And it was almost like I grew up for the public but I didn’t necessarily grow up. There were things I had to do, as far as the way I had to make relationships, and conversations, but as far as actually growing up, there were a lot of things I missed out on.”

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