Justin Bieber Drops New Single Early After Online Leak

Published on August 28, 2015.
Photo By: James Atoa/Everett Collection

Popstar Justin Bieber has been hyping up his newest single “What Do You Mean?” for months using the social media of many high profile celebrities.

While the amp-up for the song went as planned, the Canadian superstar was forced to release it on Apple Music and Spotify after a lyric video for the tune was leaked online early. Just hours after the leak, Bieber took to his Twitter to post a link to the song on Spotify with a simple caption, “I’m back.”

“What Do You Mean?” is the first single from Bieber’s yet to be released album, his first since 2013’s Journals and 2012’s Believe.

The song has a very dance type vibe rather than his usual pop style and the lyric video features skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro, as well as a cameo from Biebs himself.

For the single, Bieber had a ton of stars from all different genres do an Instagram countdown writing, “Justin Bieber What Do You Mean?” along┬áthe number of days until the release on a piece of paper with them holding it up for a shot. Stars Like Florida Georgia Line, Hilary Duff, Alec Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler, and Mark Wahlberg all participated, but the funniest goes to Shaquille O’Neal who misspelled Bieber’s name, writing, “Justin Beiber” instead.

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